Mortillery - Murder Death Kill

Mortillery - Murder Death Kill

(CD, Napalm Records, 2012)

I think that by now every metalhead out there is familiar with the tendency of bands to turn towards the old-school sound, whether this happens in Thrash, in Black Metal, in Heavy Metal or whatever Metal. MORTILLERY is one of those bands formed in the late 08s in Canada by people who are fans of classic Metal bands. In 2010 they released their first and self-titled EP and one year later their debut album, “Murder Death Kill”. A few months ago the band signed with Napalm Records and got a worldwide distribution.

Let’s take this the other way around: in “Murder Death Kill” we are dealing with many songs pretty much the same, meaning that there is a pattern to the music with songs, like “Voracious Undead” and “Without Weapons”, being classic fillers, without adding something to the album. But really, let’s be honest with each other: who cares? “Murder Death Kill” is a great old-school Thrash album coming straight from the 80s: full Thrash assault and in general fast tempo. There are many moments the band breaks the frenetic headbanbing rhythm with breakdown riffs that bring an almost core touch to the music but fortunately for me are not that many (apart maybe from “Voracious Undead” which is a mid tempo song). What I like the most in the entire album is Cara McCutchen’s vocals that are fast, shouting, a little harsh and really powerful working in favor of the old-school atmosphere/sound. Personally, I prefer this kind of vocals than the modern core-ish ones. Apart from the Thrash sound, there are plenty of groovy moments, some Punk/Rock touches among the galloping riffs and the fast technical solos.

Of course “Murder Death Kill” does not break new ground in the Metal scene and some of you might say that this is predictable music. But MORTILLERY have managed to create an enjoyable album perfect for all thrashers out there. The album is a stream of energy and in the end made me a fan of MORTILLERY. “Murder Death Kill” is already on my daily playlist and I guess it will stay for quite some time. My rating is not only for the actual music, but for the overall fantastic feeling. I’m really looking forward to getting their next release.





01. Murder Death Kill
02. Sacrifice
03. Evil Remains
04. Fritzl’s Cellar
05. Outbreak
06. Despised By Blood
07. Countless Suicide
08. Voracious Undead
09. Without Weapons
10. Mortal Artillery


Cara McCutchen - Lead Vocals
Alex Scott - Lead Guitar
Alex Gutierrez - Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Gaudet - Drums
Miranda Gladeau - Bass