All Will Know - Contact

All Will Know - Contact

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(CD, Deafground Records, 2012)

Would you believe me if I told you that there is a pervasiveness of modern American style Metal music within the bastions of European Metal? Well, why wouldn't you and in fact such an intrusion is not always a bad thing. Anyway, ALL WILL KNOW attempt to blend the best of the two worlds and in a way they have succeeded.

“Contact” is a good album, that combines subtle elements of that much hated, from my side, Metalcore and progressive Metal, with a few growling vocals. The band’s music orientation is mostly towards progressive introducing the Metalcore elements in an attempt to diversify themselves from the rest of the scene. ALL WILL KNOW have created a very strong and energetic atmosphere avoiding to sound too much cliché and opting to dwell even in the progressive symphonic area Metal and is actually a very nice addition. Soundwise the songs start a little bit similar and familiar, but as one continues to listen more, he will find that there are very good moments of skilled music-making, not that the filler songs are not well played but, you get the point. The fact is that “Contact” might take more than one listening to get through being one of those albums that the more you hear the more you like.

“Contact” is the first album I have listened from ALL WILL KNOW and I have to say that the band has a very cohesive playing style something that is really important for the progressive Metal scene. Clean sound, vocals and even the growling is not that bad are some of the good points of this band’s music. The bad moments are mainly the songs that have this familiarity with things that one might have heard from similar bands, if ALL WILL KNOW opt to lean towards a more progressive symphonic sound close to say, bands such as KAMELOT they might even find a good new calling. I will keep an eye on this band since there might be something gold within…





01. The Weakest Spot
02. Static
03. Feeding The Aftermath
04. Rise And Fall Of..
05. A Dying Heart
06. How Far Would You Go
07. Mental Takedown
08. Counting Stars
09. Devolution


Mo Stubig - Vocals
Steve Kiai - Vocals
Jan Johnson - Guitars
Danny Seith - Guitars
Ivi Butina - Bass
Sebastian Kraus - Drums