Banda De La Muerte - Pulso De Una Mente Maldita

Banda De La Muerte - Pulso De Una Mente Maldita

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(CD, Zonda Records, 2012)

Whenever I come across to the term Stoner I get the same feeling as I did with the melodic Death Metal one. When the latter was in its prime new bands were popping out like mushrooms in an attempt to re-create the original music a couple of bands had initially introduced. So, this is also happening to Stoner and in a significant extent to the Doom/Sludge genre. For the fans of this genre this is good since one can be exposed into various bands that some of them can be actually pretty good. But from the rest of the metalheads albums from this genre go right in the drain under the banner of copycats. As usual the truth is somewhere in between so my advice is to listen before judging and please do not give more attention to the labels since it is impossible to use a couple of words to describe music.

My rant has a place in this album presentation since BANDA DE LA MUERTE come with a bio sheet marking them as Stoner/Doom with a touch of Sludge. Usually, I’d try to avoid dealing with such an album since I do not consider myself as a die-hard fan of this genre and plus there is a danger of not being a fair judge. But BANDA DE LA MUERTE managed to keep my ears focused on their music enticing me during the first seconds with the use of the Spanish language in the lyrics. I know that for many out there this is a huge turn off since most of the metalheads want to understand the words in order to get connected and sing along. But there are times where the articulation adds a new musical layer making the results very interesting. Of course, a band has to have a good singer to support this and compensate for the I don’t know what he sings for effect the majority of the Metal scene suffers from. Sometimes I don’t feel that metalheads are perceptive in changes even though this scene started as a music revolution against the Pop norms (but that another story).

There is nothing hidden in BANDA DE LA MUERTE’s music and this becomes clear with the groovy album opener “Te Estás Dejando Mentir”. Ok, I did not clear see the Stoner or Doom references but I really did not give a damn since the song is really solid. The distinct bass line creates a smooth rhythm as the vocals enter to add that special foreign feeling. The Spanish language works great here and - as I said - adds more melody to the music that to my ears felt more Heavy Metal and less Stoner (I could find the Sludge influences). Maybe Stoner gets in the spotlight in the guitar driven “Parte De Mi Historia” that also gave me the impression that some Punk chord progressions may have been used here. In an attempt to mention a couple of bands to help the music description I’d go with MUSTACHE, MELVINS and in the riffage I would mind throwing MASTODON into the influences table.

The album has powerful rhythm guitars that could have been better if the production was focused on them. I mean in songs like “Tiempo Muerto” or “Hombre Muerto Caminando” (awesome bass work by the way) the guitar should have a leading role with less volume on the vocals. But this is a matter of personal taste so underline the fact that this is my opinion. Usually in the nowadays Stoner/Doom/Sludge album the guitar solos are definitely limited with minimum space to move. Fortunately this does not apply here where BANDA DE LA MUERTE have added many leads and solos most probably honoring the US based influences.

There is nothing to be added here apart from the fact that BANDA DE LA MUERTE have created a really interesting album with Spanish lyrics that take the music in a different level. If you cannot deal with non English speaking bands then move on to the next album review having accept that this will be your loss. As for the rest of you track this band down and check a couple of songs before investing; they are worth of your attention.





01. Te Estás Dejando Mentir
02. Parte De Mi Historia
03. El Miedo
04. Tiempo Muerto
05. El Sol Salió Del Sur
06. Espíritu En Paz
07. En Contra Del Destino
08. Hombre Muerto Caminando
09. Pulso De Una Mente Maldita


Xon - Vocals, Guitar
Seba Barrionuevo - Guitar
Nico Foresi - Bass
Guillermo Gómez - Drums