Adrenaline Mob - Omerta

Adrenaline Mob - Omerta

(CD , Century Media (EU) / Capitol Records (US), 2012)

I think everyone has cooled down after the fuss created by the Portnoy / DREAM THEATER statements tag of war that lasted for a quite while (more than I could handle). Fortunately, this did not affect ADRENALINE MOB who introduced their music the best way possible by playing almost the entire album in a series of US live dates. Indeed, this was the best way since the energy flow is so powerful that no one can remain indifferent and eventually stand still. I think this band was made in order to have fun onstage backed up with no-restrictions and no should sound recipes in their music. Anyone who wants to listen to a SYMPHONY X or a DREAM THEATER sound-like album then should stop reading this or change his way of thinking and enjoy what “Omerta” has to offer.

And what is really offered here? Well, the answer is very simple; solid compositions, with amazing vocals, killer guitar work and powerful drumming. Really, these words are enough to describe “Omerta” who has already gained my thumbs up from the ADRENALINE MOB’s show in Chicago. It’s no-brainer to understand that when a band sounds so good onstage there is no chance for an album to fail. The modern-sounding riff opens the album with the heavy and absolutely groovy “Undaunted”. Russell Allen sounds aggressive and it would not be an exaggeration to mention PANTERA as an influence at least in the rhythm section. Of course, there is a progressive touch in the music especially in the lead guitar work but to my delight it has nothing to do with the over-saturated riffs and over-complicated structure that usually bore me to death. Even though this is a young band the songs are perfectly balanced with a straightforward melodies and groove but with sophisticated guitars and in times drum work keeping the energy in high levels. Just like “Psychosane” and the almost Zakk Wylde vibrato that stands on the side of Russell’s Hard Rock vocals reminding of his album under the RUSSELL ALLEN'S ATOMIC SOUL moniker (you should check this album). I am really happy that Russell has found a group of musicians to channel his artistic interest since in his previous works (excluding ATOMIC SOUL) he was not in the driving position (in ALLEN/LANDE he shared the leading role). In ADRENALINE MOB it feels like everyone has his time to shine and all this is blended in very good songs with driving grooves and a hearty collection of melodies. Take for example the awesome almost-ballad “All On The Line” when melody and heaviness go hand-in-hand or the in-your-face riff driven “Hit The Wall” and the multi-profile vocals (awesome stuff).

There was one track missing from the album tracklist and that was a special cover, as Mike Portnoy had revealed in the interview with METAL KAOZ. And a surprise it was since the band chose to cover DURAN DURAN’s “Come Undone” with the help of HALESTORM’s singer Lzzy Hale who took over the female vocals. Most of the 80s Pop songs are perfect candidates for a Metal covers since they have catchy and very good melodies. So, “Come Undone” is definitely one of those cases and ADRENALINE MOB did great in metalizing it getting the guitars in the place of the keyboards and by fully implanting the Allen/Hale singing duet. Additional credit deserves the guitar leads and on top of everything the solo that really makes a difference. Down To The Floor” had already impressed me in the Chicago show but there is more in the studio version I noticed listening to the album with headphones. There is a nice electronic loop in the background while the bass work dominates the rhythm section as the basic riff sticks to mind after the first audition.

I have nothing to complain about “Omerta” since it’s a solid album and this has nothing to do with the usual releases from the so-called super-groups. The high level musicianship and the artistic freedom given by the unknown band moniker have helped to reveal the musicians’ composing skills to the maximum. I am really curious if ADRENALINE MOB will continue (despite the lineup changes) and if they will deliver another album in the not-so-distant future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for both…

PS: Pay close attention to the guitar and vocal solo in the end of “Angel Sky”...amazing stuff.

PPS: Yes, the drum intro in “Freight Train” reminded me of PRIEST’s “Painkiller”.





01. Undaunted
02. Psychosane
03. Indifferent
04. All On The Line
05. Hit The Wall
06. Feelin' Me
07. Come Undone
08. Believe Me
09. Down To The Floor
10. Angel Sky
11. Freight Train


Mike Portnoy - Drums
Mike Orlando - Guitars
Russell Allen - Vocals
John Moyer - Bass

Album Lineup:

Russell Allen - Vocals
Mike Orlando - Guitars, Bass
Mike Portnoy - Drums