Shear - Breaking The Stillness

Shear - Breaking The Stillness

(CD, Lifeforce Records, 2012)

SHEAR is a Finnish band that after the “In Solitude” EP releases the full length “Breaking The Stillness”. They have played several live concerts in their country while they were included in last year’s ‘Summer Breeze’ festival billing. “Breaking The Stillness” will hit the stores via Lifeforce Records.

While listening to “Breaking The Stillness” the listener quickly understands that here he deals with very talented musicians. Alexa has a very good and colorful voice and gives her best performance, while the guitar duo unpacks an excellent riff collection with ingenious melodies. The rhythm section is pretty typical but at the same time is a very interesting due to the tempo changes between the tracks building a comfortable power groove. Mind you that this is not a typical Power Metal album. SHEAR’s music is a perfect blend of synth 80s Rock, Heavy Metal and euro Power Metal. The guitar work delivers thunderous riffs, solid structures and beautiful transitions, underlining the high level of musicianship of the two axemen.

I have to give Alexa additional credit for escaping the LACUNA COIL, NIGHTWISH or EPICA trap thanks to her wider vocal range and at the same time does not put SHEAR under the female Metal tag. Personally, while listening to her vocals, the names of Kimberly Goss, Doro and Floor Jansen came to mind, highlighting her clear and pure Heavy Metal labeling. I would characterize their music as Power Metal with some Hard Rock and even melodic Death influences. This is a great blend, don’t you agree?

Tracks like “In Solitude”, “Scorched”, “The Stillness Wounded”, “Redemption Awaits”, “Crowned By Fools”, “No Way Out” and “Be Here Now” deliver high quality Metal music. In conclusion I’d say that “Breaking The Stillness” is perfect package for everyone who like melodic Metal with female vocals. Keep in mind to buy and not download it!





01. The Awaking
02. In Solitude
03. Scorched
04. Else’s Eyes
05. The Stillness Wounded
06. Redemption Awaits
07. Stillness
08. Crowned By Fools
09. No Way Out
10. Be Here Now


Mikael Gronroos - Guitars
Alexa Leroux - Vocals
Lauri Koskenniemi - Guitars
Juhana Karlsson - Drums
Eerik Purdon - Bass
Lari Sorvo - keyboards