Panzerbastard - Gods, Thugs And Madmen

Panzerbastard - Gods, Thugs And Madmen

(EP, Patac Records, 2012)

PANZERBASTARD comes from Boston, US and is one is one of those bands that, although exists for some quite some year hasn’t released a full studio album yet. Since the band’s formation two demos, two EPs, one split album with GYALAZAT and two compilations have seen the light of the day. “Gods, Thugs And Madmen”, with five new songs, marks the band’s third EP.

After the first auditions of this EP, it becomes quickly apparent that these guys are way into Crossover. Apart from “10 Years”, the other songs are, in their biggest part, fast, with lots of groove, pounding drums, killer riffs and a distorted bass that occasionally take the leading role. Apart from the Punk-driven tempo, there are pure Thrash parts, some slow passages, like in near the end of “Belfast City Meltdown” with the Doom-esque feeling, and some -core elements, but the Punk element dominates the songs. “10 Years” can be defined as the surprise of the EP, and that is due to the distinct Black Metal atmosphere, the mid-tempo, the repetitive riffs and the almost growling vocals. Furthermore and towards the end, there is an ethereal female voice added in the background, which enhances the atmospheric outcome.

“Gods, Thugs And Madmen” is an EP that will satisfy the fans of Thrash and, mainly, those of Crossover, but it will leave them searching for more since the fifteen minutes are definitely not enough. Maybe it’s about time for PANZERBASTARD to release a full length album...





01. Gods, Thugs And Madmen
02. Belfast City Meltdown
03. 10 Years
04. B.L.O.D.
05. The Last Bullet Is Mine


KPanzer - Bass,Vocals
AndrewBastard - Guitar, Vocals
Hollywood Bobby - Guitar
Marcus - Drums