Goatwhore - Blood For The Master

Goatwhore - Blood For The Master

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(CD, Metal Blade Records, 2012)

It’s been over two years since the release of their critically acclaimed “Carving Out The Eyes Of God”, and now the New Orleans quartet GOATWHORE have emerged once more in order to hunt us down with their furious new album, “Blood for the Master”. For those unfamiliar with the band, GOATWHORE is the child of Sammy Pierre Duet (ex-ACID BATH and ex-CROWBAR), formed in 1997. Since then, they have released four full length albums, a demo, a single and a split with EPOCH OF UNLIGHT, have toured a lot all over the world and, last year, were named Best Hard Rock/Metal artist of 2010 in the “Big Easy Awards” in New Orleans.

After the first microseconds of this album the listener has the whole picture about what inside: “Collapse In Eternal Worth” kicks in as a full frontal assault, delivering fast Thrash tunes, with killer riffs and pummeling drums. And this is more or less how the album continues. I’d say that “Blood for the Master” is more of a Thrash album with Black and Death elements, than a clearly extreme one. Sure, there are moments where the Black atmosphere prevails, like in the great “Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown” or “Beyond the Spell of Discontent” while there are scattered brutal vocals, and a couple of Death Metal tracks, like in “in Deathless Tradition” and “My Name is Frightful Among the Believers”. But, the rest of the songs deliver good ol’ Thrash: killer riffs, dominating drumming, with tons of double kicks, fast and technical solos, lethal bass work and of course lots of groove! After all a good Thrash album cannot be without groove, and this album is full of it. Apart from the great job on the instruments, Ben Falgoust gives a hell of a performance behind the mic, standing in between the harsh Thrash and the Black Metal vocals.

So, is this an album that will satisfy the average thrasher and the fans of Black and Death Metal. Indeed, “Blood for the Master” is a solid, fully enjoyable, fierce album that will make you headbang endlessly. And for this kind of releases, 38 minutes is a perfect time duration, because there are fewer chances for the album to sound tiresome.





01. Collapse In Eternal Worth
02. When Steel And Bone Meet
03. Parasitic Scriptures Of The Sacred Word
04. In Deathless Tradition
05. Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown
06. Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos
07. Beyond The Spell Of Discontent
08. Death To The Architects Of Heaven
09. An End To Nothing
10. My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers


Sammy Duet - Guitars, Vocals
Ben Falgoust - Vocals
Zack Simmons - Drums
James Harvey - Bass