Irdorath - Dekonstrukteur Des Fleishces

Irdorath - Dekonstrukteur Des Fleishces

(CD, Massacre Records, 2012)

IRDORATH come from Austria were formed in 2005. One year later, they released the first demo, entitled “Erwachen”, and it took them an additional year for their debut LP “Götterdämmerung” to see the light of the day. After that, they began performing live and working on their second album, but they underwent several lineup changes before and after its release. The new album, “Dekonstrukteur Des Fleisches” was released in 2010 and one year later, IRDORATH signed a contract with Massacre Records, which re-released the second album with new artwork.

I imagine that by now you have guessed in what language the lyrics are written, judging by the titles. What IRDORATH primarily deliver is modern and well-polished Black Metal, spiced-up with some Death Metal and a little bit of Thrash elements, although the fast tempo isn’t the main characteristic of the album. It is present throughout the album, but the fast parts share the stage with the slow and mid-tempo ones; “Fleischgewordner Antigott” is fast in its biggest part and “Unter Flammenden Laternen” has many fast tunes, very good for headbanging, but generally the songs don’t reach breakneck speeds while the blast-beats don’t have a dominant role like in most Black Metal albums. But the lack of speed is compensated by the very nice melodies and many groovy moments. These two are a pleasant change from the heaviness and the aggressiveness that overall characterize the album. A song that works like this is “Blindheit”; a slow/mid tempo song that builds a nice atmosphere and has many groovy riffs. “Freitodzwang” walks down the mid tempo path with very nice Black Metal riffs along with the piano/keyboard finishing touches. Apart from the nice leads the drum work is also worth mentioning: Thomas’ drumming is great and is definitely one of the most positive elements of this album.

I’d say that “Dekonstrukteur Des Fleisches” is an album that mostly addresses the fans of Black Metal who like well-polished productions bearing a modern sound. It is easy to the listen and not very complicated, and although it doesn’t offer something new in the genre, it is enjoyable and guarantees a good time.





01. Dekonstrukteur Des Fleisches
02. Freitodzwang
03. Blindheit
04. Unter Flammenden Laternen
05. Stummheit
06. Fleischgewordner Antigott
07. Bald Ersaeuft Die Menschenbrut
08. Das Stolze Tier
09. Spiegelscherben
10. Taubheit


Markus - Guitar, Vocals
Esche - Guitar
Mario - Bass
Thomas - Drums