Descending - New Death Celebrity

Descending - New Death Celebrity

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(CD, Massacre Records, 2011)

DESCENDING are playing melodic Thrash / Death Metal and hail from Greece. They have released one full length album entitled “Enter Annihilation” in 2008 and “New Death Celebrity” is their second album. In 2011, they released the single “How Much This Life Weights?” to promote and draw the attention before the new album. This album was produced by Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd (IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR, BRING ME THE HORIZON) while the cover artwork was made by Seth (SEPTIC FLESH, ex-THOU ART LORD). So, let me go past the bio data and talk about the album itself.

The album features 45 minutes full of uncompromised extreme Metal. In particular, the album is a fine blend of Thrash and Death Metal filtered through the Swedish melodic Death Metal school aesthetics. The album opener “No Other Gods Before Me” is the preamble of what follows. Every song sounds unique and as the album progresses, the compositions make it clear that “New Death Celebrity” is not a typical release but just a DESCENDING album. Yeah, there is defined personal style along the IN FLAMES references in the vocals and the guitars. Tracks like “Until I Generate”, “How Much This Life Weights?”, “I Keep Returning”, “The Energy”, “Shared Planet”, “The Ghost Of Nation Past” and “Path To Healing” are looking right in the eye all the successful bands from the NWOSDM scene. The riff machine guns named Constantine and Theo are the key elements for the successful result of “New Death Celebrity” which is also accompanied by the excellent rhythm section by Nick and Noir.  While I am listening for third time the album, I confirm some hidden references to bands like MACHINE HEAD and AS I LAY DYING, especially on mid tempo parts.

To sum this up, I’d say that “New Death Celebrity” will definitely make an impact on Metal scene revealing the band’s progression and evolution. In one sentence, “New Death Celebrity” is a great extreme Metal album and is highly recommended.





01. No Other Gods Before Me
02. Suicide Promise
03. Until I Generate
04. How Much This Life Weights?
05. I Keep Returning
06. The Energy
07. Shared Planet
08. Escape The Mirror
09. The Ghost Of Nation Past
10. Path To Healing


Noir - Bass
Constantine - Guitars
Theo - Guitars
Jon Simvonis - Vocals
Nick Vell - Drums