Wild Rose - Half Past Midnight

Wild Rose - Half Past Midnight

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(CD, Retrospect Records, 2011)

Greece has not been that productive in bands from the melodic Rock/AOR scene. Thus, it was nice to see WILD ROSE finally delivering their first full album after some sporadic self-financed demo offerings, this time via Retrsospect Records. Good news is, too, that “Half Past Midnight” is a release you’re gonna unconditionally like if keyboards and sweet vocals are your cup of tea. That said...

...let’s move on to music itself: the album is strongly bonded to the generic AOR/melodic Rock style as witnessed widely the last years throughout (mainly) Europe. There’s a strong sense of melody widespread, with nice keyboard layers playing the main role at times while the rhythm guitars are quite typical but spit fire when it comes to soloing. The bass/drums are ordinary put trustworthy even if I’d like to have the drums sound more physical. The vocals, now, are beautiful and some partial lack of the accent that (truth is) only the Americans have is of minor importance.

The tracklist is well set and the album flows easily bringing a strong set of melodies in the foreground. The choruses are fitting (an ace for AOR songs) and some sing along live-friendly parts are also visible. There are no party tunes here so expect minor scale hooks with a strapping vibe of melancholy and heartbeat. After the first audition I took the album out for some night drive and I was sure “Half Past Midnight” proved to be a fitting companion for…half past midnight. And good thing, not to forget, is that WILD ROSE is a band that successfully draws and combines inspiration from the American (STARSHIP, Michael Bolton, prime BON JOVI), British (e.g. FM, STRANGEWAYS) and Scandinavian (e.g. TREAT, EUROPE) monsters of the genre without being copycats; and that’s on their benefit.

It’s nice to see bands from ‘obscure’ countries releasing nice AOR albums; the disease is spread allover the globe, we hope, and bands like WILD ROSE (nice name!) with albums like “Half Past Midnight” make me hope there’s still space for sensational songs in this so misjudged field.





01. 00:30 (Half Past Midnight)
02. That Girl
03. Hold Me
04. Too Late
05. Goodbye
06. Come Back
07. Fire In The Night
08. Want You Back
09. Another Shot
10. It’s All About Love
11. Edge Of Your Dreams


George “Captain” Bitzios - Lead Vocals
Andy “Rock” Pegios - Guitars, Back Vocals
John “Jiosby” Bitzios - Lead Guitars, Back Vocals
Dirty” Haris Patsos - Keyboards, Back Vocals
Phill “Gun” Sakaloglou - Bass