Black Cobra - Invernal

Black Cobra - Invernal

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(CD, Southern Lord, 2011)

US sludge doomsters BLACK COBRA have returned two years after the “Chronomega” masterpiece which gave them their wide recognition and tagged them as ‘one of the most avant-garde bands’ of the underground scene. Even though they have their roots deep in the industrial-plus-Thrash-plus-schizophrenic Metal movement, their sound is defined as the ‘crème de la crème’ of the Sludge genre and their ‘contribution’ in this fall’s KYUSS LIVES! / THE SWORD US tour couldn’t be considered as accidental. Did you feel the coldness the artwork breaths right now or it was just my idea?

“Invernal” shows its teeth from the very beginning, offering a very diverse sound from every day’s Sludge ‘dish’, without leaving space to retreat. From the first time you listen to this album, the characteristic heavy atmosphere and the minimalistic but brutal aggression of the sound grab your heart and squeeze it so hard that it would be a miracle if you’ll make it. “Avalanche”, the album opener, even though has a CATHEDRAL-esque craziness in the eye, screams its love for SLAYER and late-SEPULTURA (despite of the traditional shouting vocals), while “Corrosion Fields” emerges as the highlighted winner among the rest of the album. The brutal drum work in “Erebus Dawn” is almost lethal till the moment that “Abyss” knocks on your door coming out of nowhere, able to make your ears bleed and your heart beat faster.

Nevertheless, “Invernal” didn’t convince me that could look RWAKE’s “Rest” straight in the eyes and claim victory. Of course, it is a very good album, but not breath-taking good to make you hunt it down after its release. Among the 8 tracks, you will identify the album’s highlights but I’m not sure for the rest of the album. That’s what happens when tons of new releases are produced in only one year. Without doubt though, if you belong to the sludge clan, you should check BLACK COBRA’s latest ‘egg’ asap.





01. Avalanche
02. Somnae Tenebrae
03. Corrosion Fields
04. The Crimson Blade
05. Beyond
06. Erebus Dawn
07. Abyss
08. Obliteration


Jason Landrian - Guitars, Vocals
Rafael  Martinez - Drums