Ария - Феникс

Ария - Феникс

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(CD, Soyuz, 2011)

If you’re looking for a band from Russia to feed your hunger for traditional Heavy Metal, then this old outfit is the experience you need. АРИЯ (ARIA) exists for more than a quarter of a century now and seems to be the best export of Russian Heavy Metal with a classic edge and old-fashioned attitude. “Феникс” is the band’s eleventh studio album and it’s impressive how enticing their music shall sound to your ear if you can get along the Russian language.

АРИЯ started in 1985 and their “Мания Величия” debut LP is considered to be the first pure Heavy Metal album made in the (then) USSR. From their early works they’ve presented a mix of IRON MAIDEN and SCORPIONS along with some SAVATAGE or JUDAS PRIEST elements. The same goes for the entire discography, with “Феникс” being the latest piece of offering. You won’t find any female vocals here, no keyboard driven cheesy numbers, no never-ending prog Metal cuts: it’s just bass-n-drums-guitars straightforward songs, half of them in a in-your-face direction and some others in a more epic orientation. The vocals are remarkable too, narrative and appealing and - again said - if you can stand the native language you will not have any problem accepting some neat and clean singing by Mikhail Zhitnyakov.

The production is as needed: clear and loud, without any modern elements, just fresh and up to date. I’ve been following this notable outfit since their early works and I must say АРИЯ is a solid piece of Heavy Metal based in the 80s ideals you do not find now often by major bands in the genre. Try this new or any other album and judge for yourselves, but I bet they deserve your interest.





01. Чёрный Квадрат
02. Равновесие Сил
03. Парфюмер. История Одного Убийцы
04. Чёрная Легенда
05. Бои без Правил
06. Феникс
07. Симфония Огня
08. Аттила
09. Дальний Свет
10. Реквием


Vladimir Holstinin - Guitars
Vitaliy Dubinin - Bass
Maxim Udalov - Drums
Sergey Popov - Guitars
Mikhail Zhitnyakov - Vocals