Korpiklaani - Ukon Wacka

Korpiklaani - Ukon Wacka

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(CD, Nuclear Blast, 2011)

A good folk Metal band should posses a good understanding of Metal music, of course, and also a good understanding of folk music; having a few extra instruments such as a violin and a beautiful female voice doesn’t always do the trick. In the case of KORPIKLAANI, who started as a folk band and later added the Metal part, folk music means more than just relying to classical instruments it, it means using the folk musical structure through an assault of pure Heavy Metal.

"Ukon Wacka" is their seventh studio album, entirely in the Finnish language, and dedicated of course, to what else but feasting and drinking and dedicated to the god Ukko, hence the album's title.  Like in the previous album "Karkelo" there is the ambiance of drinking and partying all around the album, "Ukon Wacka" seems like it’s the continuation of "Karkelo" albeit a little more aggressive and up roaring or if you prefer uplifting.

What I want to say is that; ok, you changed your guitars to seven strings, which seems in becoming a trend lately, which means a deeper heavier sound and you have pushed a little more your string parts to the foreground, yes a little more than usual but, overall nothing changed this two years, not much at least, the album is still good for swimming in beer all night but, since that was done in the past few albums it feels like a hangover that doesn’t get away.

The sound of course has a perfect solidity and there is nothing to say about the performance ability of the band, the guitars have a more edgy riffs and the melodies are complete and satisfying, even the drums gained a little more speed. What makes my head itch is that should we demand from such bands something more or are they just fine with what they have to offer and just bring the booze since there isn’t much to it other than seer fun, which fun is good since there are bands out there that have no understanding of what fun is.

Although not satisfied in a personal level, I can’t deny the fact that there is nothing wrong with the album as a whole and that it certainly delivers what it promises, definitely for fans and for those that mist the other albums of the band.





01. Louhen Yhdeksas Poika
02. Paat Pois Tai Hirteen
03. Tuoppi Oita
04. Lonkkaluut
05. Tequila
06. Ukon Wacka
07. Korvesta Liha
08. Koivu Ja Tahti
09. Vaarinpolkka
10. Surma


Jonne Jarvela - Vocals, Guitars
Jaakko "Hittavainen" Lemmetty - Violin, Jouhikko, Woodwinds
Kalle "Cane" Savijarvi - Guitar
Matti "Matson" Johnsson - Drums
Jarkko Aaltonen - Bass
Juho Kauppinen - Accordion