A Pale Horse Named Death - And Hell Will Follow Me

A Pale Horse Named Death - And Hell Will Follow Me

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(CD, To be announced, 2011) *Update: The band signed with SPV Records

The members’ alchemies of TYPE O NEGATIVE (R.I.P.) haven’t confined themselves with SEVENTH VOID; this time, Matt Brown collaborates with Sal Abruscato from the TYPE O’s early days and omnipresent Johnny Kelly, of course and gave birth to A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH that didn’t come up to cover the huge gap from Peter Steele’s passing, neither to replace the TYPE O NEGATIVE’s discography works; from the very first listening (especially if you are a TYPE O die-hard fan), you’ll be able to recognize Matt’s dark and warped guitar playing and Johnny’s pompous drumming, but thus far. A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH have nothing to do with their past musical life, except the dark rhythms that seems to flow inside those past TYPE O members’ veins still. “And Hell Will Follow Me” is their debut album, having also Bobby Hambel on guitars, known from BIOHAZARD and Eric Morgan on bass, and is a worthy representative of the modern doom/grunge/post/goth rock scene.

The clear influences though from the TYPE O days are standing in front of us with first and foremost Sal Abruscato’s skills on vocals, songwriting and guitars, outside the usual position behind the drum kit (LIFE OF AGONY) and he’s actually doing it really well! When I was listening to “And Hell Will Follow Me” for the first time, I noticed that characteristic eerie melancholy, similar to “Bloody Kisses” one that is the main reason which made me went in wondering at the TYPE O NEGATIVE’s music paths. The numb in my back was still the same when I listened to “As Black As My Heart” and the catchy guitar theme, while the first fusty memories of “Christian Woman” or “Black No.1” popped up in my mind so easily.

But that’s only the beginning: tracks like “To Die In Your Arms”, “Meet The Wolf” and “Die Alone” are carrying that ALICE IN CHAINS-esque paralytic scent that ‘screams’ Jerry Cantrell/ Layne Staley, without loosing the early TYPE O id thanks to the rest songs of the album. The music depth of “Devil In The Closet” and the desperation of Sal’s voice in “Cracks In The Walls” compete with the hallucinogen guitar work of “Pill Head” of which will gain the title of the most representative track, similar to TYPE O NEGATIVE style. My personal favorite tough goes by the name When Crows Descend Upon You and its dark melancholic lyrics: a so well-written track that keeps that Steel’s sacred flame inside.

With or without crows, with or without skeleton horses, And Hell Will Follow Me is enough to haunt you (especially when played loud) and make you ask for more, no matter if you are a TYPE O NEGATIVE fan, a gothic Metal fan or whatever else. The Apocalypse-inspired A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH and their obscure character are trying hard to create their own music history in the modern discography after Peter Steele era and, in my opinion, they do an excellent job. The only thing we have to do now is to wait for their next step that rumors say that is already on the making, beyond their followed personal Hell.

“So many people I knew, Now they are All lost
One thing is guaranteed, You always Die Alone”





01. And Hell Will follow Me
02. As Black As My Heart
03. To Die In Your Arms
04. Heroine Train
05. Devil In The Closet
06. Cracks In The Walls
07. Bad Dream
08. Bath In My Blood (Schizophrenia In Me)
09. Pill Head
10. Meat The Wolf
11. Serial Killer
12. When Crows Descend Upon You
13. Die Alone


Sal Abruscato - Vocals, Guitars
Matt Brown - Guitars, Backing vocals
Bobby Hambel - Guitars
Johnny Kelly - Drums
Eric Morgan - Bass