Lord Vicar - Signs Of Osiris

Lord Vicar - Signs Of Osiris

(CD, The Church Within, 2011)

The catholic cross of REVEREND BIZARRE’s logo was turned upside down in LORD VICAR’s consciousness and the awkward pontiff has returned 3 years after the extraordinary debut with the biblical title “Fear No Pain”, trying to dig deeper the surface of our sinful soul and offer bliss with extra adroitness to our ears. Yes, it’s true; LORD VICAR are here to remind us that Doom Metal didn’t die after their eldest son’s ‘death’. On the contrary, Kimi Kärki can still send shivers down our spine and give goose bumps to our skin with the monolithic guitar tunes and the unique solos, while Chritus’ colourful vocals achieve to paint the Finnish Doom Metal canvas with a world of beautiful tunes.

This time the band’s theme is inspired of the Egyptians’ lord of the dead, Osiris, maintaining the obscure Scandinavian tradition in the sound, creating an interesting blend with the lyrics, where the eternal pain, religion and occultism have the leading role. So, how many are the “Signs Of Osiris”? I could count seven while listening to the album, but I bet there are more. The majesty of the main mind-crushing riff of the opening and the closing track, the unanswered intent of “The Answer”, the killer Doom intro of “Child Witness”, the groovy-ness of “The North Tower”, the favourite and classic tunes of “Sinking City” that even the most underground SABBATH-esque B-side single would envy in its path, even the melancholic no-end of November: all these sink deeper in LORD VICAR’s world, revealing just a sample of what this band is capable of, when it’s about creation.

LORD VICAR don’t try to reproduce themselves; they just do their best and create generous doses of some real true and genuine music, full of theatrical character and agony, able to haunt every doomster’s bowed head. Sure, “Signs Of Osiris” is a bit different from its predecessor, but has revealed an even more sensitive side of the four VICARS, without discounts. Lovers of SAINT VITUS, TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM, WITCHFINDER GENERAL kneel before the new Lord of the Dead. Go out and grab this gem. Personally, I just wish this November would never end.

“Like a leaf that has lost all direction
Cast aside by the cold Autumn wind
I stare at the endless horizon,
And try to forget where I have been
Too proud to beg your forgiveness
I still whisper your name
Too late to admit I’m still sinking
I measure the cost of my shame





01. Sign Of Osiris Slain
02. The Answer
03. Child Witness
04. Between The Blue Temple And The North Tower
05. Sinking City
06. Endless November
07. Sign Of Osiris Risen


Chritus - Vocals
Jussi - Bass
Kimi - Guitars
Milly - Drums