Lord Volture - Never Cry Wolf

Lord Volture - Never Cry Wolf

(CD, Rock N Growl, 2011)

The Dutch quintet had released the “Beast Of Thunder” CD in 2010, seeing their name circulating in the underground Power Metal school. One year later came time for the follow-up disc to break loose and LORD VOLTURE look forward to broadening their audience and feeding their growing fan base with another piece of powerful Metal music.

There’s no doubt the songs in “Never Cry Wolf” sound appealing in general. The music is commanding, with riffs and leads taking no prisoners in terms of amplitude and vigorousness. You’ll bring bands like JAG PANZER and ICED EARTH to mind listening to this CD, there’s no weak moment in the guitars section, plus the drums/bass parts are equally spiteful with nonstop hammering and some vivid song-shaping approach. The vocals are loud and proud too: deep singing but also screams are thrown on the table, with vocalist David Marcelis sounding out of control at times but overall bringing forth a warlike (not ‘epic’) profile.

Still, in the songwriting sector things seem to be a little bit fuzzy. The songs are generally good and shall not let you down but I at times thought that some more straightforward moments would be nice to be included too, because in a duration of almost 70 minutes a band has to have some more simplified numbers included too, so as to leave the listener just bang for some time and then dive again into the album’s complexity. Maybe shortening the total tracklist would be a nice idea too, in order to avoid having the fan looking at the display screen every now and then.

Metalheads usually amused by the works of bands like IRON MAIDEN, JAG PANZER, CAGE (frontman Sean Peck is a guest in “Into The Lair Of A Lion”) and ICED EARTH will find enough good moments in “Never Cry Wolf”. The album is a result of hard and honest work by a group of Metal musicians willing to stay out of trends and perform from the heart. I was not left speechless with this new LORD VOLTURE album but it surely is a nice piece of sincere Power Metal that shall apply to enough people’s wants.





01. Never Cry Wolf
02. Taiga
03. Wendigo
04. Celestial Bodies Fall
05. Korgon’s Descent
06. Minutes To Madness
07. Necro Nation
08. I Am King
09. Into The Lair Of A Lion
10. Brother
11. The Wolf At Your Door


David Marcelis - Lead & Backing Vocals
Paul Marcelis - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Leon Hermans - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Simon Geurts - Bass, Backing Vocals
Frank Wintermans - Drums, Backing Vocals