Soulhealer - The Kings Of Bullet Alley

Soulhealer - The Kings Of Bullet Alley

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(CD, Private, 2011)

Whether you end up liking this band and album or not, one thing is certain and for sure: SOULHEALER have a musical identity and personal production, making them sound like nearly no other band in their field of playing. I did not know this Finnish outfit and lately I found out they had already released an EP one year ago. Ok, “The Kings Of Bullet Alley” is out now as their debut full-length offering and I gotta say the disc... hard, indeed. It does not kick unbelievable ass but it proudly stands alone as a solid piece of riffing hard Heavy Metal music with a dirty Hard Rock touch, to say the least. During the first audition you may find the vocals not quite fitting, but trust me, you’ll have no problem accepting them as a neat part of the musicmaking if you give the album a couple of additional spins. And that’s why they sound not that metallic in the beginning, borrowing the filth of a hardorckin’ street style, but afterwards you’ll find out they give the music that extra something taking you back to the ‘80s and then forth to the ‘10s in a weird yet enjoyable way.

The music itself has an equal layer of dirt but stays overall neat and Hard ‘n’ Heavy to the bone without any Power / Epic / Sleaze / Prog or whatever else extensions. This dirty layer may be the result of the production, now thinking again, which is somehow unclear and heavy in a self-financed way, but overall does justice to the songs, especially in the guitars - both leads and rhythmic - parts. The songlist become more appealing gradually as you get used to the quintet’s unique profile; once again, not something we usually listen to the last years and that’s on the band’s benefit.

It would not be that easy to compare this work of SOULHEALER with already established bands and styles. It’s heavy, hardrockin’, sounds like the band from your neighborhood and some more well-known current outfit at the same time, has non-compressed songs with air to breathe, has lurking melodic moments that sound whatever but cheesy and has the potential to give enthusiasm to both classic metallers / hardrockers and the newer generation that looks for something simplified but not naïve... Really, I do not know what else to write in addition. If this album was out on vinyl format (it should!) I’d order my copy right away. It has this analogue aesthetics that is captivating, nonetheless. I really hope SOULHEALER will invest on a bright future with this album because this present work shows they definitely deserve so. They party, the bang their heads, they sound original, those Finnish outlaws...




01. Kings Of Bullet Alley
02. Wheels Of Fire
03. Zoned Out
04. Nightfall
05. Dirty Little Wars
06. The Die Is Cast
07. My Last Day
08. Nowhere Man
09. Heading For Tomorrow
10. Blind Faith
11. The Real Me


Teemu Aho - Bass
Jori Kärki - Vocals
Sami Mikkonen - Guitar
Teemu Kuosmanen - Guitar
Timo Immonen - Drums