Accuser - Dependent Domination

Accuser - Dependent Domination

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(CD, Red Shift Records, 2011)

Lately there’s a bunch of promos from German bands coming in, ranging from Black Metal to Thrash and Death Metal. One of those promo CD’s was ACCUSER’s latest offering entitled “Dependent Domination”. Don’t tell me you don’t know this band! Well, that what upsets me. Unfortunately people only know the German holy trinity (SODOM, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION), while this really talented and unique band never managed to have a similar career. What went wrong? Who knows...?

ACCUSER is no newbie in the scene, as you easily understand from what I said above. The band debuted with a demo release in 1986, while the very next year released the first ever full-length album entitled “The Conviction”. Since then, the German thrashers have kept on releasing quality albums like my beloved “Repent” (1992). So, after a long break from their 1995 “Taken By The Throat” to their 2010 “Agitation”, ACCUSER seem to be back in business for good!

Releasing two albums in two years seems really promising if you know what I mean. The truth is, I still haven’t had the chance to listen to last year’s “Agitation” but I was really impatient to lay my hands on this brand new ACCUSER album, it’s definitely been a long time since I last heard of them. Well, with “Dependent Domination” things haven’t changed that much. The German quartet is still thrashing like hell and remains kind of abstinent from the German Thrash Metal sound. With a more US approach, ACCUSER remain loyal to their straight riff heavy Thrash madness. While not trying to reinvent the sound or revive the early days like most bands are striving to do, these guys know how to keep your blood pumping through your veins with simple, straightforward METALLICA inspired music. They still got the aggression and the groove to kick your hairy ass!

ACCUSER is not the revelation thrashers are looking for, but they release an honest album full of crushing riffs and passionate vocals (Frank Thoms is da man!) with a concrete and heavy sound. Welcome back ACCUSER!





01. Presentiment
02. Beneath Your Dignity
03. Torn To Pieces
04. Desolate Shape
05. Escape From The Oath
06. Dependent Domination
07. Mastering Punishment
08. Death To The Traitor
09. As You Bleed
10. The Cause Of All Evil
11. Behold & Beware


Frank Thoms - Vocals, Guitar
Uwe Schmidt - Guitar
Frank Kimpel - Bass
Oliver Fechner - Drums