Fergie Frederiksen - Happiness Is The Road

Fergie Frederiksen - Happiness Is The Road

(CD, Frontiers Records, 2011)

Fergie Frederiksen became a household name when he was hired from TOTO to sing on their 1984 album “Isolation”. A member of AOR bands like TRILLION and LE ROUX too, Fergie has done a lot of projects in the melodic Rock field ever since, while he was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, making it difficult to even record the sessions for the album herein reviewed. Going well fighting the disease, Fergie now releases “Happiness Is The Road” and aims to the acceptance of fans of the genre.

The album has everything the listener can assume; melodic songs with a bright atmosphere and on top of all the clear passionate voice of the American singer. Songwriting has been done by artists like Jim Peterik (SURVIVOR, PRIDE OF LIONS), David Roberts (BAD ENGLISH), Mark Baker (SIGNAL, HOUSE OF LORDS), Robert Sall (WORK OF ART), Joe Vana (MECCA) and Dennis Ward who also handles the production. There’s nothing impressive or surprising here, just a set of songs that will feed your hanger for AOR-oriented music with velvet nice vocals from a veteran of the scene.

If you are a friend of Fergie Frederiksen over the years, grab this one. The same goes for lovers of the AOR/WestCoast/FM Rock sound based on the 80s recipe.





01. Angel
02. Elaine
03. First To Cry
04. Follow Your Heart
05. Happiness Is The Road
06. I Still Believe In Love
07. Lyin’ Eyes
08. Love Waits For No One
09. Writing On The Wall
10. The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be
11. The One
12. The Saviour


Fergie Frederiksen - Vocals
Dennis Ward - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Dirk Bruinenberg - Drums
Nathan Eshman - Guitars
Eric Ragno - Keyboards