Antichrist - Forbidden World

Antichrist - Forbidden World

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(CD, High Roller Records, 2011)

Some debut albums suck, others are mediocre (mainly because the band hasn’t found its personal sound yet), some are nice and there are those that kick some serious ass. ANTICHRIST’s “Forbidden World” falls into the last category. ANTICHRIST is a band from Sweden formed in 2005 and before this album had released two demos and a compilation.

Now don’t get me wrong: “Forbidden World” won’t shock the Metal world with its originality; it doesn’t offer something knew. But what the band does is delivering ten gems of old school Thrash / groovy Metal with a sound and a production taken from the 80s-90s. All that served with a touch of dirtiness the old school thrashers love. Sure, the old school atmosphere is enhanced by the great vocals of Anton Sunesson. The album opens with some distant guitar screeches that slowly intrduce the world of ANTICHRIST. And when those screeches end everything falls hard on their world: “Dark Sorcery” is an insanely fast song perfect for some neck-wrecking headbanging; after all fast and groovy is the recipe of success. After the opener you won’t have time to rest your head or your neck; “Victims of the Blade” is another classic Thrash, with galloping riffs, fast drumming, fast solo and if fact with everything going fast. And then what do we have? “Torment in Hell”; does this song follow the previous two? Oh yes it does! Hammering riffs, pounding drums, speed-light solo, what more can you ask for?

After three amazing songs comes a nice break with the self-titled track that is a one-and-a-half-minute instrumental with very nice guitar melodies. Next there is the 8 minutes of “Necropolis” that opens with some very good mid-tempo groovy riffs reminding you of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES or even SACRED REICH. The track gradually accelerates with some great melodies before it falls back to a mid-tempo pace after almost 3 minutes repeating the opening themes. A great epic!

I will save some time reading many words on this review and I will limit myself to a brief description of the remaining songs. All them, apart from “Minotaur”, follow the same recipe as most of the previous ones: fast, galloping, hammering riffs, furious solos, nice alternating melodies, full of grooviness and speed. And when I say that they follow the same recipe I don’t mean that they are repetitive and boring. And I saved “Minotaur” for last, because this is the second epic track of the album: an eight minute instrumental piece with a great atmosphere and beautiful melodies. At some points the melodies vaguely reminded me of IRON MAIDEN’s “Don’t Look to the Eyes of a Stranger”, after the part of course, where Bayley constantly reminds us not to look to the eyes of a stranger...

ANTICHRIST have succeeded in releasing a Thrash gem that will surely put a smile on your face, because it will remind you of the glorious Metal past with some quality headbanging time. Apart from the two bands above, some other bands that came to my mind were D.R.I., DESTRUCTION, EXODUS and maybe EXORCIST. “Forbidden World” is one of the most enjoyable albums I’ve listened to recently and surely one of the best albums of 2011 (I know that 2011 isn’t finished yet, but you get the picture). I don’t know what you’ll do but I know that I’m definitely getting the LP.





01. Dark Sorcery
02. Victims of the Blade
03. Torment in Hell
04. Forbidden World
05. Necropolis
06. Death Rays
07. Sign of the Beast
08. Minotaur
09. Militia of Death
10. Terror Dimension


Sven Nilsson - Drums
Anton Sunesson - Vocals
Gabriel Forslund - Guitar
Filip Runesson - Guitar
Gobbe Henningsson - Bass