Shy - Shy

Shy - Shy

(CD, Escape Music, 2011)

I could never imagine a SHY album without the unique voice of Tony Mills. Still, Lee Small proves to be a good addition to the British band’s roaster and their new CD, simply entitled “Shy” offers a very good collection of songs in the familiar melodic Heavy Rock vein this remarkable outfit has built all these years from the early 80s. You just have to let the album grow inside you and - again said - familiarize yourself with the fact that the band has a new singer (for the second time, after 1994’s “Welcome To The Madhouse”).

Lee Small’s credentials include PHENOMENA, SURVEILLANCE and PRIDE and from the very beginning I was ready to swallow his warm Mark Boals/Goran Edman-like timbre, waiting for a fitting singing session to some trademark SHY music. Yet, the first couple of tracks were not that easy to get along with. Not that they did sound bad but they were quite distanced from what I expected, flirting with some neoclassical Scandinavian hardrockin’ Metal style. From “Ran Out Of Time” and afterwards things begun to taste more recognizable and the total result after spending time with the CD for enough hours seems quite appealing. Yes, we must remember it’s year 2011 now and it’s not the period of e.g. “Excess All Areas” anymore, plus the last time SHY had an album coming out was 2005 with “Sunset And Vine”.

The production, mainly done by the band, is powerful and brings forth the melodies widespread while the mix (by Simon Hanhart of Bryan Adams, MARILLION, SAXON, ASIA and FATE fame) does justice to the songs. The back up vocals was always a strong weapon for SHY and here they are a real winner again. The guitars are velvet and do offer nothing less than quality riffing and harmonies and Lee Small does his best to be up to his responsibilities; not to forget, the keys are for one more time dominant and powerful. I found the band’s style preserving a lot of their classic style, while at some other times I thought I listened to something like TEN or UK-shaped Malmsteen or ROYAL HUNT. This and only means it’s not the most straightforward rocking SHY album you’ll ever listen to.

“Shy” sounds fresh and classic at the same time. And I consider this to be a strong ‘plus’ in today’s demanding market. I do not know how many people still remember - or have lately discovered - the magic of the Birmingham-based band’s music but I did cut my teeth as a teenager with the “Excess All Areas” masterpiece and thus believe SHY is or can again be a household name in the melodic heavy hittin’ pompous Hard Rock field. You can certainly live without “Shy” but again simple things in life can offer us good moments of joy and pleasure; and this album can stand for it.





01.  Land Of A Thousand Lies
02.  So Many Tears
03.  Ran Out Of Time
04.  Breathe
05.  Blood On The Line
06.  Pray
07.  Only For The Night
08.  Live For Me
09.  Over You
10.  Sanctuary
11.  Save Me
12.  Union Of Souls


Lee Small - Vocals
Steve Harris - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Roy Davis - Bass
Joe Basketts - Keyboards
Bob Richards - Drums