White Wizzard - Flying Tigers

White Wizzard - Flying Tigers

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(CD, Earache Records, 2011)

WHITE WIZZARD is an American Heavy Metal band that seems to be having some serious issues at the moment. I went to their home page to find out more about the band and a notice has been left by the three remaining band members stating that their site has been hacked by former band members, and that actions such as those are the reason they are “ex members”, so right off the bat we have problems, and that is a shame. According to a Wikipedia page, they are a basically playing a game of musical chairs with members coming and going and back again. It is hard to tell who is who and even harder to tell who plays what instrument.  I had to do some minor detective work to get the names and instruments straight.

My first impression of the band is that they have a distinct European flavor to their music. They have a very diverse sound. Whether that is due to having so many different people in and out of the band, I simply do not know. They can play some fast Heavy Metal and also belt out a dramatic ballad. I would say this newest vocalist is indeed a good find. The man that formed the band, Jon Leon, did great in hiring him. They have a song titled “Starchild”, unfortunately, it is not about Paul Stanley (hahaha). It is the ballad I just mentioned. The song “Flying Tigers” is exactly about just that, a song about a dogfight with planes shooting it out and it holds some genuine dramatic tension. “Across The Sky Soaring High” is a part of the lyrics that really shine. I won’t quote the whole passage, but trust me, it is really good. Wyatt Anderson delivers vocals as high as the flying tigers themselves. The man has some very high pitched screams. He makes a great Metal vocalist. Clean vocals, perfectly enunciated even during the upmost times of strain. You can definitely hear the major IRON MAIDEN influence in the bass and guitar playing during this song. It sounds so much like IRON MAIDEN I was actually shocked. The rest of the album contains IRON MAIDEN influences as well mainly through the bass playing, though none quite as vivid as “Flying Tigers”.

The one thing I am not crazy about when it comes to IRON MAIDEN is the overplaying of the bass. Steve Harris may be a great bass player, but he has always “overplayed”. The notes should blend in from the bass and add to the melody of the song, not stand out separately. Joey DeMaio does the same thing, but he almost always does it live, you don’t really hear him do it on the albums. WHITE WIZZARD is a very talented band. Hopefully they can finally keep this line up intact and also get the jaded ex members to behave so they put their site back up and promote this new album properly. Another part of the band’s style is very long guitar parts between the actual singing. This is definitely a guitar oriented album. The band also has a habit of mentioning famous songs and famous passages of songs in their lyrics. I will leave it up to you to discover them. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

I would have to recommend this album to anyone that likes traditional Heavy Metal, and doesn’t mind bass playing that is slightly above the rest of the mix. It’s a good album as a whole.





01. Fight To The Death
02. West L.A. Nights
03. Starchild
04. Flying Tigers
05. Night Train To Tokyo
06. Night Stalker
07. Fall Of Atlantis
08. Blood On The Pyramids
09. Demons And Diamonds
10. Dark Alien Overture
11. War Of The Worlds
12. Starman's Son


Wyatt Anderson - Vocals
Jon Leon - Bass
Lewis Stephens - Guitar
Giovanni Durst - Drums