Criminal - Akelarre

Criminal - Akelarre

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(CD, Massacre Records, 2011)

“Akelarre” is the seventh album of the Chilean Thrash/Death Metal band CRIMINAL (a band that exists for two decades). Akelarre is the Basque word for sabbath, in the witchcraft glossary. Since their last album there is one major change in their lineup: one of the two remaining founding members left, leaving Anton Reisenegger as the only one left, and was replaced by Olmo Cascallar (GAMORA).

CRIMINAL do once more what they know best: deliver a fast and heavy album that will surely satisfy the fans of Thrash and Death Metal. Ten killer songs full of groovy elements, cutting edge riffs that alternate with fast ones (like in “State of Siege”), technical solos and fast drumming with a handful of double pedaling. Listening to the album, some parts will bring to your mind bands like SEPULTURA, SLAYER, SODOM and KREATOR. Most of the songs combine the high tempos of Thrash with heavier and slower parts, meaning that there is no song fast from beginning to end, a blend that is well executed nevertheless. The album opener “Order from Chaos”, along with “The Ghost we Summoned”, two of the highlights, deliver in-your-face Metal with such a heavy sound that will probably make all your internal organs move along in this Concerto for Headbanging. The homonymous track, despite its short duration (2 minutes), and “State of Siege” stand out; the former due to its passion and intensity and the latter due to the many well-combined style variations and its catchy riffs.

The fact that I only mentioned four songs doesn’t mean that the others lack of something. On the contrary, they are equally as heavy and well-played as the others, proving that CRIMINAL presented us with yet another solid release. Fans of CRIMINAL and of Heavy/Thrash/Death Metal: grab this one!





01.   Order From Chaos
02.   Resistance Is Futile
03.   The Ghost Ee Summoned
04.   Akelarre
05.   State Of Siege
06.   Tyrannicide
07.   Feel The Void
08.   The Power Of The Dog
09.   Vows Of Silence
10.   La Santa Muerte


Anton Reisenegger - Vocals, Guitars
Olmo Cascallar - Lead Guitars
Zac O’ Neil - Drums
Dan Biggin - Bass