Skirmish - Through The Abacinated Eyes

Skirmish - Through The Abacinated Eyes

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(CD, Violent Journey Records, 2011)

In general I don’t know if it’s a good sign to release the debut album six years after the band’s formation; but in the case of the Finnish quartet it worked for the best. Since then, they have released three EPs before signing with Violent Journey Records, under which they released their debut album.

One thing is for sure: SKIRMISH know how to play heavy! “Premonition”, the album’s opener, doesn’t leave any doubts. In fact, there isn’t any time to think, since the song overwhelms you with bombastic riffs and fast drumming from the very first notes and forces you to a violent headbanging. “Conquest” continues the same way: with SLAYER-esque riffs, pummeling drums and a fast solo, things couldn’t get any better. With the next two songs things change a bit: although both remain heavy, “Insurgency” is a mixture of high and mid-tempo, with many cut riffs, while “Mystery In A Blazing Dream” is entirely mid-tempo with cut, but also power-ish, riffs.

Next, comes “Death Beyond”, and I think this song will be in every live concert, even after having released five and six albums: It’s fast and heavy as hell, with fat riffs (some riffs remind of EXODUS) and pounding drums: I can only begin to imagine the situation in every pit. “Astral Infinity” begins really fast, but after two minutes things slow down a bit, with cutting edge and catchy riffs and a slower-than-the-others solo: however this was only the break just like calm before the storm, because a minute before the end things are back on the right track. “Indebted” is again a mixture of mid and high-tempos and will remind you strongly of AMON AMARTH. The curtain drops with “The Forlorn Masque” and, believe me, the album ends with the best way, and by best I mean (what else?) fast and heavy, with again some powerful riffs and a technical solo.

SKIRMISH did prove that not only do they know how to play heavy, but also how to do it great. If they continue this way (not of course by releasing the same thing over and over, but by writing equally good music), success will not be an elusive dream. “Through The Abacinated Eyes” is recommended to every single fan of Heavy Metal.





01. Premonition
02. Conquest
03. Insurgency
04. Mystery In A Blazing Dream
05. Death Beyond
06. Astral Infinity
07. Indebted
08. The Forlorn Masque


Jani Niskanen - Vocals
Mikko Kupiainen - Guitar
Kalle Raijonkari - Bass, Vocals
Waltteri Väyrynen - Drums (session member)