Silverdollar - Morte

Silverdollar - Morte

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(CD, Massacre Records, 2011)

It seems that the hospitable land of Sweden will be holding scepters in the scenes of traditional Doom, melodic Death, NWOBHM and even Heavy/ Power Metal for a very long time. The new discovery that deserves your attention from Nyköping is called SILVERDOLLAR and judging from the first listening of the sophomore album “Morte”, you can invest your time (and your money of course) without fear at all. The Heavy Metal quartet started out as a cover band, playing hundreds of live shows and 2005 released the debut “Evil Never Sleeps”. Massacre Records offered these guys a contract and the chance to prove once more that Sweden is a sublime country when it comes to music creation.

I have to admit that I wasn’t much attracted by the artwork of “Morte” at first sight; it’s quite raw and simple giving the impression that was taken from a video game (don’t get me wrong here; I love video games) and that’s a bit awkward. But I follow the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, and I went pass this in search of the music inside. The album contains 12 tracks of pure Metal, where the heavy atmosphere and the guitars are in the spotlight (reminding me a blend of U.D.O. and JUDAS PRIEST), while Esa Englund’s vocals stand between Chaz Bond of JACOB’S DREAM and Bruce Dickinson style. The opening “CO2” is one of the most atmospheric and representative tracks of the album, having that characteristic intro where a male broadcaster speaks about nowadays’ global problems (failing economy, poverty, war) with such colorful and assertive manner. The following “Damage Done” sounds heavy and modern with excellent guitar work something that is like a trademark in Sweden.

Of course the headbanging doesn’t end here; “Eternal Glory” and “Evil Good” (what a marvelous bass intro is that?!) show that SILVERDOLLAR did not attempt to write an easy album but put a lot of effort as heard in every note, riff and lyric lines. You are not persuaded yet? I bet that “H.F.” with the catchy, hard-hitting guitar ‘orgy’ and the surprise of the MÖTORHEAD-esque “Raging Eyes” will do the trick. On top of that the band has managed to create a personal sound that at the same reminded me some Metal heroes like PRIEST, QUEENSRŸCHE during my of my puberty’s (I said puberty, didn’t I?) and even SAVIOUR MACHINE.

So, the deal is quite simple here: disappointed JUDAS PRIEST fans from nowadays’ situation start looking at Sweden’s coasts. SILVERDOLLAR will definitely worth your attention.





01. CO2
02. Damage Done
03. Eternal Glory
04. Evil Good
05. Evil Never Sleeps
06. Hear Me
07. H.F.
08. Morte
09. Raging Eyes
10. Rot
11. (Still A) Rocker
12. Three Finger Man


Ola Berg - Guitar
Mats Hjerp - Drums
Fredrik Hall - Bass
Esa Englund - Vocals