Dr. Living Dead - Dr. Living Dead

Dr. Living Dead - Dr. Living Dead

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(LP, High Roller Records, 2011)

DR. LIVING DEAD is a Thrash band from Sweden that seemingly doesn’t want to leave anything standing on their way, either with their music or their humor. Formed in 2007 they self-released two demos before signing with High Roller Records, planning to release many songs from the demos plus some new ones in a vinyl edition. The roots of their music go back to the classic American Thrash bands of the 80’s, like ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, S.O.D., SLAYER, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, while their humor brings bands like TANKARD in mind.

The album consists of thirteen songs and all of them, except one, are less than three minutes (many of them are less than two), but all of them are fast (apart from “My Brain is for Sale” and “Dr. Living Dead” which are mid-tempo. “My Brain Is for Sale” is in fact the only song that has a guitar solo). And when I say fast I mean fast, the way it was played in the 80’s: songs full of energy with pounding drums along with fast, heavy, groovy and catchy riffs: a successful Thrash recipe. The first songs “World War Nine” and “Slime from Above” remind mostly of SLAYER (the latter has a similar moment as “Angel Of Death”), “Streets Of Doc Town” or ANTHRAX and “Kill Me!” and “Feeding The Cyco” of S.O.D., just to give some examples. A song that distinguishes from the album is the last one, “Reptiles Beneath”, which begins as all the others (break-neck speed and headbanging till the end), has a mid-tempo turn around the middle and then has a great atmospheric outro that doesn’t have to do anything with the rest of the album, but it’s a great way to close it nevertheless.

As for their humor, I don’t know where to begin. Funny song titles (“My Brain Is For Sale”, “Slime From Above”, “Kerry Burger King”, “No Zoo!” - the last two from their demos), parody songs, like “Revenge On John” (McClane from the “Die Hard” series), “Kindergarten Cop”, “Chucky”, “Gremlins Night” and “You’re Not The Law” (I think everyone understands where this goes…), parody artwork (in the cover of their 2008 demo features their mascot coming out of a grave and grabbing Judge Dredd by the neck - a “No Prayer For The Dying” spoof - and their poster for their 2009 concert in Brazil, entitled “Dead New World”, has their mascot looking at Sao Paulo from the sky). Those guys really know how to have fun.

Dr. LIVING DEAD may not have anything new to offer musically, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a blast with their old school Thrash music. Those who are into 80’s Thrash and especially in Crossover should definitely check this album out.





01.   World War Nine
02.   Slime from Above
03.   Revenge on John
04.   Streets of Doc Town
05.   Kindergarten Cop
06.   Kill Me!
07.   Dead End Life
08.   My Brain is for Sale
09.   Dr. Living Dead
10.   Hard Target
11.   Feeding the Cyco
12.   You’re not the Law
13.   Chucky
14.   Gremlins Night
15.   UFO Attack
16.   Reptiles Beneath


Dr. Ape - Vocals
Dr. Dawn - Drums
Dr. Rad - Bass
Dr. Toxic - Guitar