The Gate - Earth Cathedral

The Gate - Earth Cathedral

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(CD, Rock It Up Records, 2011)

THE GATE? OK, let’s dig in this one. They are from Germany and feature an old RUNNING WILD member, Gerald “Preacher” Warnecke (has played in the band in its early steps, including the “Gates To Purgatory” debut) who was also a member of Southern filthy metallers SNAKE RIDE RODEO - had watched them live in Germany some years ago, not bad. This is the band’s first album and I hate to say I did not have so much of a good time.

Not a bad CD, not at all, “Earth Cathedral” smells like modern Metal spirit blended with an old-school feel. It surely is Heavy Metal all the way, with both a Rock ‘n Roll vibe and an evil dark attitude, sounding like SINNER making out with GRAVE DIGGER, HALFORD and MACHINE HEAD at the back seat of the same car. There’s aggression widespread here, with a filthy touch and a RUNNING WILD-ish paint in a ‘sing along’ pattern. The guitars are heavy and raw, with not much of a fat sound heard and the bass/drums parts kick hard with groovy double bass tempos. The vocals are raw too and quite dirty and mean, building a theatrical atmosphere in milder intermezzos.

Bad thing is I would not say there’s much of coherence in this CD. I did listen to the album three times in a row at first and did not remember much after each end, indeed. The production does not help in this direction either, even if it shows an eat face. I could not detract a message from the songlist and the vocals at times seem to become a little bit irritating. Sorry guys...

I do not know if the band has invested a lot on Preacher’s long gone deeds in the Rock ‘n’ Rolf camp, but I think THE GATE has to work a lot more on the signature of their songs, not because they lack originality or something like this but certainly due to the absence of melodies capable of becoming friendly to the listener’s ear. If you have enough money in your wallet you can try this one, dunno...





01. Through The Gate
02. Shout For Metal
03. Face your Fear (The Money Song)
04. Guy Anvil
05. 1000 Miles Away
06. Mountains
07. Hiding Where The Wolf lives
08. Into The Pit
09. Deliver From Sin
10. Earth Cathedral


Preacher - Guitar
Guido Krämer - Vocals
Tino - Bass
Peter “Unruh” - Drums