Vulvagun - Cold Moon Over Babylon

Vulvagun - Cold Moon Over Babylon

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(CD, Private, 2011)

VULVAGUN have picked an odd name for themselves. As we all know a vulva is the main organ of the female genitalia. It’s a very funny name, but the band is serious as possible and there is no parodying done here. The band is tight and harmonious and executes the instrumentation with aplomb. They have a great energy that courses through the riffs and drumming and sound very fresh.

The recording is very professional and sounds like a top notch production in every way possible. I like the ICED EARTH vibe in the song “The Black Pyramid”, and I am referring to ICED EARTH’s “Night of the Stormrider” era, not any other one. I want to be as specific as I can so you know exactly what I am talking about. In particular the song reminds me “Desert Rain”. I am referring only to the similar guitar tone in the non distorted portion of the song, and that is where the resemblance ends.  The album is very long and that’s a great thing because it is so good you won’t want it to end. The chugging guitars are also reminiscent of ICED EARTH and are very enjoyable. I love that sound.(the dampening palm muting) and I believe t’s one of the coolest sounds in all of Metal.

The lead vocalist is excellent; Wayne Dwyer is just perfect for this brand of Power Metal. He isn’t too high or too low in pitch and range. No one is perfect, but I can’t imagine anyone fitting in any better with the overall songs on this album than he does. The band is filled to the brim with talent. Add to that the fact that there is no filler on this record. Much like METALLICA of the 80’s, they fill up the CD as much as they can. The song “Arise Neophyte” is the perfect Heavy Metal song. Everything that a Metal song needs to be great is there, lyrics, drums, guitar, bass and vocals. They all shine equally and nothing is out of place. It’s really amazing how good this album is. It’s like the band spent years getting everything perfect. I doubt this was done in just a couple of weeks. I would imagine they did multiple takes to get everything just right, no matter what the cost. It is a very competitive market out there with so many great bands and VULVAGUN deserves to have their new album mentioned alongside all the greats. Don’t let the name fool you. You will be amazed by the work of true Metal art they have created.

Most of the album is up tempo and has a bit of mid tempo to it. It is not all just one or the other. You do in fact get both aspects. The solos play over the best distortion of chords I have heard in recent memory. The search for the perfect guitar tone has been successful. I like the rumbling bass. The bass provides a solid backbone as it is supposed to do. There aren’t too many if any phantom/ghost notes that escape from Evan Harris’ bass. He is a great bass player. This would be the ultimate band to see live. They could very easily play a two hour set with nothing but their own material and not leave anyone unsatisfied. I will not forget to point out the fact that the backing vocals are excellent. There will certainly be more than just one microphone on stage, if you are fortunate enough to see them play in a live setting. Another positive part of this band is that this is not their only album, so you get the opportunity to dig up their other record to tide you over until the next one.

To me, the best song on this great album is “Union Of The Snake”. It thrashes like crazy and will cause heads to bang. That is a promise. Heads will mosh and necks will be sore, ,and that is as it should be. The chugging guitars in this song remind me bit of METALLICA’s “Battery”. It isn’t that fast the whole way through, but the thrashing moments are similar in tone without copying it at all. The lyrics are well thought out in this song and the guitars shred like mad. The solo is done in more than one part and is very long and melodic. VULVAGUN can be fast as light and not sacrifice a single note the entire time. Overall, this is as good as anything I have heard all year long and that includes the newest RHAPSODY OF FIRE and STRATOVARIUS CD’s. That is high praise indeed and it is deserved. Rush out and buy this masterwork as soon as you can. Great music should be rewarded. This album came to me as a promo to review and I am rewarding these guys with a purchase. It is that time again. Support great heavy metal while it is still here! Also, tell your friend about the band. Maybe we can get a world tour out of this experience. That would be amazing.





01. Cold Moon Over Babylon
02. The Black Pyramid
03. Arise Neophyte
04. A Murder Of Demons
05. Malachi
06. Heart Of The Mountain
07. Equinox
08. Confessions Of A Flesh Eater
09. Union Of The Snake
10. On Pain, Transcendence And The Dark Design
11. The Transit Of Venus
12. Clavicula Salomonis


Wayne Dwyer - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
George Larin - Guitars
Evan Harris - Bass, Chapman Stick
Chris Phillips - Drums, Vocals