Asgard - The Seal Of Madness

Asgard - The Seal Of Madness

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(CD, My Graveyard Productions, 2011)

ASGARD is a super fast Power Metal band from Italy. It took a long time to find any information on the band. There is very little to be gleaned from ordinary web searches, but I did as well as I could and at least found the first names of the guys and instruments they play. These guys are full speed ahead and nothing is slow, and I mean nothing. They are going to wear out the equipment in a hurry at this fast pace and so what? You can always buy more! The vocalist has a very high pitched voice that can be a little too much at times, but that is easily fixed. He can tune it down just a little and it would be just fine. The worst part of this album is how short it is. It’s only 37 minutes long and it’s a shame because I was looking forward to a large dose of super fast Power Metal. I would say Mace sounds like the lead singer of AGENT STEEL. I remember loving them a long time ago. They changed their style a bit and I lost touch with them. I don’t remember why as it was so long ago.

Mace doesn’t always reach for the sky. He has moments where he tones down the pitch a bit and the songs are immensely enjoyable in those instances. He has a great range in that he can go high as the sky and then go to a normal pitch. These songs are not technical wonders of art. They are meant to cater to fans that love it loud and fast. The guitar solos are almost as fast as the drums. I mean this is truly a whirlwind of fury here. It is also light hearted music.  I am left wondering about the song titles such as “I Spit On Your Hand”. That is a truly odd thing to say. Perhaps something got lost in the translation. So even though you get a choice of words that may not match as well as you might hope, the vocalist enunciates the English language very well. You shouldn’t have to reach for the lyrics sheet too much if at all. The song topics are in the true Metal style lyrically like early MANOWAR but they sound absolutely nothing alike. There are no majestic choirs or grandiose eloquence on hand. Only the lyrics are similar. Nonetheless, it is very enjoyable. Make sure you don’t set your expectations too high and you shouldn’t be disappointed. The fact is that there are a lot of bands that sound just like this that are on tiny labels and don’t get that much exposure, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t take away from the fact that they deserve more and that this is a fun album.

You get to hear about battles fought with steel and the holy land of Asgard where Thor and Odin abide in what is their version of heaven. I have always loved the Norse Mythology and these guys do a good enough job singing about it to be entertaining. The solos are pure shred but they also contain melody, maybe not a lot, but enough to be serviceable. This is not an awesome album, but it is pretty good, especially when you keep in mind how obscure this band is. Check it out if you can. There are many incarnations of the name Asgard, mostly spelled correctly and one of them goes all the way back to 1972. If you come across that band, that is a different group. This band was formed in 2004. I will provide the link at the top of the review. This is a fun listen.





01. Disciples
02. I Spit On Your Hand
03. The Seal Of Madness
04. With Your Shield Or On It
05. Army Of Darkness
06. Fury Of The Night
07. The Age Of Steel
08. Hellbreaker
09. Asgard Invasion


Mace - Vocals
- Guitar
- Guitar
- Drums
- Bass