Black Sun - Dance Of The Elders

Black Sun - Dance Of The Elders

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(CD, Private, 2011)

BLACK SUN is a Power Metal band from Ecuador formed in 1999. They speak fluent English which was a surprise. The band is super tight and has a very good pure Metal sound filled with excellent riffs and hooks. They play the European style of Power Metal and the solos are of multiple scales showing their vast repertoire of styles. The guitar work is extremely impressive for an unsigned band. Maybe record companies aren’t sure what to think about a band from Ecuador. Well, they should figure it out. This band deserves to be signed and promoted. The song topics are all unique. All the subject matter is different from song to song. It shows a depth of writing skills and diversity that you don’t see often from unsigned bands. There does seem to be some keyboards used even though it is not officially listed as an instrument played by the band. Perhaps they used an outside musician for the keys. The keyboards aren’t very pronounced, but they are there hiding a bit in the background and adding backbone to the songs.

The solos are filled with melody that is more classical oriented than shred based fast playing. They are often multi-layered and are never left to stand on their own. By that I mean there is a constant wall of sound where something is always going on and is never chaotic. They also have a choir like backing vocal part in the song “Blindly Following Orders” which sounds like it was done just by the band members and not an orchestral choir. Talk about great backing vocals! Chemel Neme the vocalist really has a great range. In the song “Angel” he shows his great range by singing in a higher octave than previously almost to the extent that is sounds like a different person, but slowly you begin to recognize it’s the same person. I hear a slight touch of SCORPIONS in their solos but for the most part they are too heavy to be strictly in that vein of music. Add to that a touch of HELLOWEEN.  Yes I can name a few more bands with which to liken them to such as GAMMA RAY and others, but that isn’t entirely fair to the band. They have worked very hard to put out a unique Power Metal album, and they are not riding on anyone’s coattails.

There are parts that are symphonic Power Metal, such as the last minute of “The Book”. I also like the final song which is about Christopher Columbus discovering America. I cannot understand the words, but the topic is obvious. I have always been fascinated by Christopher Columbus and his multiple journeys around the world and my home State has his last name as its state capital. The music is energetic and is infectious and will make you shake your head a bit. It isn’t mosh pit material, (except for “Mentally Ill”) but when the drumming speeds up, you just have to move a little. It is unavoidable. I recommend this album to fans of all sub genres of Power Metal. It has it all, and all of it is amazing. There is simply no weak point on this album. The production values couldn’t be better and neither could anything else. You have to hear this great young band and see what some guys from Ecuador have to offer. In one word, brilliant!




01. Revelation XXIV
02. Dance of the Elders
03. Dehumanized
04. Dear Media
05. Mentally ill
06. Fight
07. Walking Beside me
08. Blindly Following Orders
09. Angel
10. The Book
11. La Pinta La Ninay La Santa Maria


Luis Fernando Fabara - Bass
Nicolás Estrada - Drums
Christopher Gruenberg - Guitar
Juan Miguel Iturralde - Guitar
Chemel Neme - Vocals