Strikelight - Taste My Attack

Strikelight - Taste My Attack

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(CD, Iron On Iron, 2011)

Countries like Greece have this exist-to-resist attribute when speaking of evolution of Metal music. Bands like VICE HUMAN, CRUSH and SPITFIRE broke into the Greek scene back in the 80s raising the flag high of classic Metal the NWOBHM/European way. Then, even if more than a zillion styles emerged worldwide in the years to come, tons of Greek outfits (MARAUDER, POWER CRUE, REFLECTION etc) carried on declaring their passion for traditional metallic lunacy with passion and huge tension. Now its year 2001, the monsters of Metal (IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST etc) are next to retirement and in countries like e.g. Spain, Greece and Italy – all of them are Mediterranean lands... – more and more bands (STRIKELIGHT, VALOR, WITCHCURSE etc) are assembled with one aim: classic 80s-influenced Metal made by fans for fans. And that’s what we like the most, right? Yeap, support the Underground we should!

STRIKELIGHT has been around for many years but this is just their second full length album (I hope it’ll be released on vinyl too). “Taste My Attack” has everything enemies of classic obscure Metal love to hate: a custom amateur cover artwork representing the proto-Metal style of albums, some semi-raw production making it sound as if it was recorded somewhere in 1984, simple musicianship far over from being credited as ‘technical’ and a umber of songs owing a lot to the IRON MAIDEN and CLOVEN HOOF legacy with a glimpse of melodic 80s Metal the Scandinavian/German way (HEAVY LOAD, STORMWITCH etc). Endless dual leads, simplified drumming, raw bass and harmonic fan-shaped vocal lines are the deal here.

Let’s do the math:

- The band does not try to prove something: 3 points for this.
- We all love traditional Metal, no matter how many years shall pass: 3 points for this.
- The Underground has been, is and will forever be the spine for Metal music’s magic: 2 points for this.

No reason not to purchase this fine CD, unless if you’re included into the metalheads (?) presented in the first paragraph. But, in such a case, you’ve not even made it to this conclusion…





01. Awakening
02. Taste My Attack
03. Heavy Metal Strike
04. Youthful Fire
05. Dead For You
06. Evil’s Decay
07. My Living Hell
08. Hellbiker’s Tale
09. Asmodeus’ Rage


George Stavropoulos - Vocals
Nick Papakostas - Guitars
Savvas Glykis - Guitars
Thodoris Vogiatzis - Bass
George Sotiropoulos - Drums