Katapult - A Fistful Of Truth

(EP, Private, 2020)

This is far from being normal, and moments like these, one needs to find coping or even surviving mechanisms to maintain some sense of normality. For me, music has always been “there”, being the ultimate outlet for all the feelings that could not stay bottled up, no matter if those stem from negative or positive experiences. In this mindset, KATAPULT came for the rescue figuratively kicking down my inbox with their four-song EP and piquing my interest with this effective use of words “sweet ass Gothenburg Thrash” quoted from the band’s Facebook page. How did A Fistful Of Truth” change my mood, you ask?

Well, “Siege, Destroy, Annihilate” enters with all guns blazing starting off with vein popping scream and a guitar riff that woke some THE HAUNTED memories from the late ‘90s. The groove shines through the double bass drumming and has the right pissed off attitude due to the almost Hardcore basslines. To be fooled thought because KATAPULT do not sound like being ‘one of the pile’ that is going for the same ol’ Groove Thrash sound. No, the melodic guitar riffs in “P.R.O.F.I.T.” showcase the Swedish connection, and I am talking about my favorite Gothenburg sound and I will use SOILWORK as the point of reference. I may be totally out of line here, but during the first bridge, BIOHAZARD came to mind and I will blame the bassline and the backing vocals that have this ‘in your face’ attitude. Fear not though, because the riffs and the guitar solo will correct your listening-bearing, pointing you towards the Swedish scene. “A Fistful Of Truth” (love the title) quickly became my favorite hitting all the right spots from the headbanging rhythm, the catchy guitar leads, the pissed off singing and the catchy chorus that gets stuck from the first spin. Usually, modern or groove Thrash excludes guitar solos, but this is not the case with KATAPULT who sound like they know their Metal, with lots of details to observe after the headbanging dust has settled. “L'appel Du Vide” closes this pedal-to-the-Metal EP, getting the last drop of energy out of your tank, with hearty double-bass drumming and the amazing mid-tempo break that will challenge your neck muscles.

And there you have it; the debut release by KATAPULT that packs something less than 15 minutes of full-on Thrash, is powerful enough to wake those moshing instincts going and potentially give you some thinking relief. Check these guys out!





01. Siege, Destroy, Annihilate
02. P.R.O.F.I.T.
03. A Fistful Of Truth
04. L'appel Du Vide


Johan Norström - Vocals
Florian Moritz - Guitar
Sven Bürgin - Guitar
Stefan Maier - Drums
Stefan Vidmark - Bass