Reece - Cacophony Of Souls

(CD, El Puerto Records, 2020)

David Reece, the Metal Voice is back with another release under the REECE moniker. Well, I assume David Reece isn't the first to consider when Heavy Metal is discussed knowing his past in far more melodic, AOR oriented bands as BANGALORE CHOIR, BONFIRE, SAINTED SINNERS among others. No matter what, he has a great voice and this also holds for Heavy Metal as it is shown in a fantastic way right from start at “Cacophony Of Souls”.

Album opener Chasing The Shadows” is an up-tempo track; the frenzy in the chorus lines really shows the range of David's voice. I love the attitude and edge and that ending sure gives me goosebumps. Then the pace is taken down progressively; “Blood On Our Hands” is a more standard, snappy track. It is a good one, but I miss the edge the previous track has. And I realize what does not set the second one off; the expression and nerve in the mid-tempo “Judgment Day” are phenomenal and these are somewhat missing from “Blood On Our Hands”.

David sounds fantastic and can deliver emotion in a great way be it in either the tough or more mellow ones these comes through the most. Suggestive “Collective Anaesthesia” is a perfect example of this; the riff behind the verse is another thing that really caught me at the first spin. The dynamics and melodic feel are perfection and the playing by Andy Susemihl is extremely tasteful. It has edge and at the same time is very melodic and creative which makes this album very interesting. There are tons of tiny licks and other details to discover. With that said, “Collective Anaesthesia” became an early favorite and has hold that position throughout the process of digging into “Cacophony Of Souls”. The ballad “Another Life Another Time” is another perfect example of what I just said.

Catchy “Metal Voice” is suitable to describe the album as it shows that David Reece and his crew can write and play Heavy Metal. Because this is a Heavy Metal record. Another one which now has become a favorite but took a while to show up was “Over And Over”. Again, a mid-tempo one and I love the desperation and force in David's voice in the chorus. And this is what makes the album this good. There is a lot of dynamics and variation without being disjointed. It all wraps up with bouncy “No Disguise” which really could have been just cheesy if it wasn't for those super-heavy riffs to break off the else catchy songs. Just that, to boost the dynamics really makes it lift and ends the album just as good as it started.

“Cacophony Of Souls” is a step up from “Resilient Heart”, it is more dynamic and more together as a unity. Both hold great songs and are in general quite equal, but still, this new strikes a bit harder.





01. Chasing The Shadows
02. Blood On Our Hands
03. Judgment Day
04. Collective Anaesthesia
05. Cacophony Of Souls
06. Another Life Another Time
07. Metal Voice
08. Over And Over
09. Back In The Days
10. A Perfect World
11. Bleed
12. No Disguise


David Reece - Vocals
Andy Susemihl - Guitars
Malte Frederik Burkert - Bass
Andrea Gianangeli - Drums