Twins Crew - Judgement Night

Twins Crew - Judgement Night

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(CD, Private, 2011)

With a name like TWINS CREW, I imagined that there would be twins in the band, I was right. They both play the guitar. The band is from Sweden and was formed in 2007. The music is a conglomeration (mixture) of various bands they cite as influences, such as HELLOWEEN, IRON MAIDEN, STRATOVARIUS, and JUDAS PRIEST. The band has tried their hardest to be the best new thing. That really shines through on their debut release “Judgement Night”. Andreas Larsson has a very good voice. He has more than just one or two octaves of range. He can sing in a very high pitch as well as a more moderate tone. My closest estimate would be Geoff Tate at the highest and Bruce Dickinson’s normal singing voice at the lower end. The guitar work is sensational and that can be attributed solely to the twins.  Since they draw from so many influences, it isn’t easy to classify what type of metal they play. It is certainly melodic and in some places it has the Power Metal feel to it. Based by the lyrical content of the songs, Power Metal would be the closest I could come up with, but don’t expect it to be as fast as HELLOWEEN. That part of their style is in the vocals, not so much in the instrumentation.

Sometimes the drums are hard to hear over the top of the guitar and bass, but not all the time, but it does happen. You can hear the snare but the double bass is buried, especially in the song, “Protectors Of The Sky”. It is a great song, but they need to turn up the bass drumming. The guitars in the song have a lot of crunch and a chug along quality to them. The band has released two EP’s before this debut release and the only way they could release this new album was to do it themselves. They mentioned in their biography that they have received offers from several labels, but that they would leave the band bankrupt. They mention the fact that album sales are poor these days. I have gone on and on about this fact for years. If people would stop illegally downloading albums, then bands like this wouldn’t have to do it all by themselves. As far as the HELLOWEEN influence goes you can really hear it in “It’s My Time” where the dual guitar solos remind me very much of their great 80’s albums “Keepers Of The Seven Keys” part one and two. Some of the songs sound like I have heard them before, but that doesn’t last for an entire song, just parts of choruses and some solos. They are all well crafted and very melodic. They also manage to stick in some keyboards, but only a little.

The vocalist does his best Geoff Tate impression in the first song of the album, and not just in the higher pitches. This is also the second band in the last few weeks to have a song named “Atlantis” and it has neat introduction that builds and gets more aggressive as it goes. I would still like a little bit more volume on the drums, but they did this by themselves. Hopefully they will get a good producer on their next album to make sure you can hear them better. When the music is less busy, there are times the bass drums shine through, but when the song goes to a fast tempo, they go flat. It’s not enough to make it unlistenable, but it does need to be addressed. I would caution people to go to their myspace page and give them a listen before you make a purchase, but be warned, there are no songs from this album on the page at the time of this review, just early EP songs. Overall, this is not a bad record, but it could have been better were the bass drums given more volume. Other than that, there are no complaints at all, just that one.





01. Eternal Nights
02. Lucifer
03. Atlantis
04. We're Leaving Satan
05. Judgement Night
06. Light
07. Tales Of A Hero
08. My Heart Is Burning
09. Protectors Of The Sky
10. It's My Time
11. My Own Personal Hell


Andreas Larsson - Vocals
Dennis Janglov - Guitar
David Janglov - Guitar
Frederik Hammar - Bass
Uno Ericsson - Drums