A Pale Horse Named Death - Uncovered

A Pale Horse Named Death - Uncovered

(EP, Long Branch Records, 2019)

I still remember how excited I felt the moment A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH announced that they will release their “Uncovered” 7-inch, and that’s because: a) I’m a big sucker for 7’’ releases since most of the times there are some lil’ gems waiting to be discovered, and b) the artists have all the freedom in the world to experiment and try new things, cover their beloved bands and show their influences without having to “fit” inside genres or boxes. But I’m gonna be honest here; seeing the name of THE CURE posing among the two covers APHND did for this EP, was the main and number one reason for my excitement.

“Uncovered”, besides its super-cool cover artwork, illustrated by Sam Shearon in line with the APHND-green-laden tradition, contains two tracks that Sal Abruscato and Co. recorded to haunt your turntable for days – and not just because the Halloween season is upon us. First track of the two is THREE DOG NIGHT’s “One” and I have to admit this tune was somehow familiar to my ears, probably because I had crossed paths with it in some movie’s soundtrack (even though I don’t remember which one). Anyhoo, the way this track starts is quite different from the original, and this is what I like the most in covers; the band’s freedom to use its own true colors to repaint it and change the sh*t out of the original. I love Sal’s distinctive vocals and the piano that adds the right melancholic touch, bringing this song closer to the APHND’s character. Also, it’s impossible to not love the “thick” basslines that fit like hand in glove to the guitar distortion making the whole deal sweeter. And speaking about sweets and treats (hint, hint), the second track goes beyond the darkness itself; sure, the characteristic, main melody of “Prayers For Rain” is obviously there and you can recognize it right from the beginning being solid like a wall of bricks, but the whole sweetness (and difference if you may) lays to the fact that APHND own this one through the heaviness shining with guitars caring that TYPE O-like groove and Sal’s unique singing (just listen to the “I suffocate, I breathe in dirt” part, and you’ll instantly get what I’m trying to say here). Plus, this one turns into a Grunge-Doomy hymn towards the end (note the almost Blues-y, Cantrell-type of solo around 3:30 minute), painting the room with all the range of autumnal colors, making you dropping the needle on the wax again and again…

So yes, the lords of Doom did it again; without bells and whistles, APHND released such a cool EP that’s gonna get a lot of playing time in your stereo, increasing our anticipation for their next discographic step. And since this one is limited to 300 copies, you know what to do, before it’s too late.





01. One (THREE DOG NIGHT cover)
02. Prayers For Rain (THE CURE cover)


Sal Abruscato - Vocals, Guitar
Eddie Heedles - Guitar
Joe Taylor - Guitar
Eric Morgan - Bass
Johnny Kelly - Drums