Unleash The Archers - Explorers

Unleash The Archers - Explorers

(EP, Napalm Records, 2019)

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS have beeping in my Metal radar for quite a while but I never got a solid chance to check them out. Even though I had checked a couple of songs from “Apex” and liked them, my listening laziness got the best of me... Well, the two-track EP “Explorers” broke this band habit of mine and made me check why these Canadians have gained so much traction with their melodic Metal with strong Power Metal undertones.

First of all, “Explorers” does not contain original songs, but two covers; the first one happens to be a well-known Folk song originally sung by Stan Rogers. In all fairness, this song is well-known in Canada and this is my excuse for having zero prior knowledge of it. In fact, when I checked the original, I thought that I could easily have mistaken this for an Irish tune. Anyway, making mistakes is the best way to learn, so I should be thanking UNLEASH THE ARCHERS for this. The original is an a capella song and this is how the first half of the cover goes, putting on the spotlight Brittney’s fantastic timbre that fits this like a tailored suit. The Canadians go full Metal for the second part with Power Metal double bass drumming turning this into a crowd-pleaser and I am guessing there will be lots of fists in the air when performed live. There are no growling vocals here and I believe this was done to keep the focus on the original’s awesome melody. The second song is a cover on TEAZE’s “Heartless World” that was originally released in 1979. This comes from a different time when the focus was on writing great melodies and catchy choruses. Think of SURVIVOR as a good point of reference, even though the guitars are on the heavier side and deliver a killer groove. I did check the original before clicking on the UNLEASH THE ARCHERS edition and got pumped up waiting to see how they have approached the heavy part. Oh yeah, there is a nice solo there with some NWOBHM sounding rhythm guitars. Once again, Brittney’s wide ranged vocals feed the Power Metal character of the cover and will impress you the moment she starts to hit the crazy high pitches. I love the melancholy stemming from the melodies and the guitar arpeggios, reminding me of an era when music-writing had more heart to it.

I wouldn’t say that UNLEASH THE ARCHERS gravely changed the originals but they did add some Power Metal in them, creating two covers that could easily fit into future concert setlists. What I would paint as the success of this EP is drawing some attention to the music scene of Canada (we already know that Canadians always produce great Metal tunes) with TEAZE being a solid find, if you are into that sound. Getting the 7” version of the EP is extremely tempting.





01. Northwest Passage (Stan Rogers cover)
02. Heartless World (TEAZE cover)


Scott Buchanan - Drums
Brittney Slayes - Vocals
Grant Truesdell - Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Saunders - Guitar, Vocals