Statement - Force Of Life

Statement - Force Of Life

(CD, Mighty Music, 2019)

I have to give Danish STATEMENT that they can boost a party. Musically, they haven't really appealed to me when I've seen them but I still find myself tapping along to their beat. They have some really catchy tunes though, like the opening track “The Hero Inside” from their latest release “Force Of Life” that is sticky and I really like the vocal slide that kicks off the chorus. It’s memorable and creative at the same time. The issue I've had with STATEMENT is that they feel a little messy when it comes to the style; it's a little here and there and all over the place. At least that’s how I’ve experienced the shows, it’s poppy on occasion to move over to Thrash and then something more techy before back to the beginning again.

This was my first impression of “Force Of Life” too but after a few spins it started to come together. “Darkness In Your Eyes” is another good example of catchy and dynamic song-writing. Jannick Brochdorf's voice fits this melancholic track really well. The feelings delivered in these first two tracks are nothing I have taken away from the shows I've seen and it is really good. Then, I have hard time to decide if the chewing-gum Pop, bouncy “Higher Ground” is good or just annoying. I keep singing on it after shutting the music off though, so I guess it is efficient to say the least. So yes, there's still a mix of styles on the album. From very poppy to METALLICA chewy and everything in between. But it sticks together as a whole and really is a solid album. Another one that stands out is the groovy “The Hurt”, a real '90s groove to it. To the softer side though and it becomes a bit contradictive since I love the BLACK SABBATH-styled riff but don't find the rest as inspired and creative as the rest of the tracks of the album.

The combination of very heavy riffs and a soft chorus in “Rock Your Heart Out” works well but doesn't really appeal to me in the way the first couple of songs on the album did. The modern, DISTURBED-sounding chorus falls a bit flat to the heavy groove in the verses. Then, the mid-tempo “Feeling Scared” works better. When STATEMENT do this type of Post-Grunge type style works the best. Which is kind of strange since I normally don't enjoy this at all. But as it is, good music is good music regardless of style.

So, I have to give STATEMENT that they've really managed to get me in to a style that I normally find utterly boring. But since there is a lot of fines in the songs, more than I initially realized makes it interesting and hold for more than a few spins.





01. The Hero Inside
02. Darkness In My Eyes
03. Higher Ground
04. I Wonder Why
05. The Hurt
06. Force Of Life
07. California Dreaming
08. Rock Your Heart Out
09. Feeling Scared
10. In This Moment


Jannick Brochdorf - Lead Vocals
Niels Alex Larsen - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Lars Ulrik Le Fevre - Guitar, Vocals
Martin Poulsen - Bass
Daniel Nielsen - Drums