Evergrey - The Atlantic

(CD/LP, AFM Records, 2019)

EVERGREY have a special place in my heart and have earned that putting out albums with depth and with so many layers that takes some time to peel off but the process of doing so is the beauty of this entire trip. Sure, there were a couple of albums that the Swedes looked like they had lost their bearing but they have braved the storm and now are stronger than ever. For whatever the reason, “The Atlantic” turned out to be the most slow-burning albums I have encountered from EVERGREY. I can compare this with “The inner Circle” and the truth is that the harder I found it to dig deeper the more I was lured to keep listening. Life loves puns and I found myself really listening to the album while traveling high above the Atlantic... That’s appropriate right? So, having little room to move around and even less freedom to do as I want EVERGREY turned to be the best way to create a micro climate and let myself get lost into the complex song-structures these gentlemen have put together.

The sonar sounds and being isolated feeling set the scenery pretty fast with “A Silent Arc” before the dramatic atmosphere gets thick through Tom Englund’s screaming for help. The keyboard sounds and effects highlight the intensity of the lyrics and - I think -they leave small crack of hope to shine through via the guitar leads. The EVERGREY-trademark build-up with the spoken part makes room with some “Recreation Day”-type break and an awesome guitar solo. This is not the typical ‘I will have one more listen to decide’ music and some real work is needed to fully immerse yourself into the EVEGREY dimension. I cannot recall another song that has such dark guitar chords found in the beginning of “All I Have” which, frankly and in a bizarre way, brought TRIPTYKON to mind. You know the down-tuned guitars and the almost monotonous guitar rhythm. Fear not, and it is not like EVERGREY are sailing towards uncharted waters (sailing pun fully intended) as the chorus and the story-telling lyrics carry everything you love about this band. “A Secret Atlantis” changes the scenery a bit and with delight I’ll say that this one has something from the old-school EVERGREY from the “Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy days although the vocal melodies are more complex and hence feed a wider range of emotions. You will find yourself enjoying the melodies to the point of humming along but at the same time your will taste some despair lurking in the corner. The DEEP PURPLE almost Hammond-sounding keyboards is another surprise here and most delightful one. And speaking of keyboards have a good listen of what Rikard Zander is doing in the instrumental “The Tidal” and check how these Jean Michel Jarre-sounds will mess with your mood and how they’ll prime the way for the amazing “End Of Silence”. Here the vocals will be speaking directly to your soul so you better be enjoying this with high-quality headphones and with eyes closed to really see what is going on. The mix during the riff break is amazing as it perfectly balances the bass, the keys and the guitars with all of them leading to another emotional break close to the end. Come to think of it, I love how the bass has gotten a louder voice and please enjoy the four-string instrument in the melodic “Departure” where the vocals carry the trademark EVERGREY sound. Really, having the vocals with only the bass and the keyboards is a unique listening experience and deserves more than the usual attention. The part with the a bit faster tempo I got a “Search For The Truth” vibe through the dramatic atmosphere that made re-listen this one a couple of times before moving to the next one. The calm sea sounds along with seagulls cawing may seem like a hopeful twist but soon enough the almost synthwave keyboards paint everything with grey colors and I am sure you will love this as much as I did.

I am so happy that I did take my time dealing with this album and did not rush to listen it back-to-back to make my mind up as fast as possible. No, there are still albums out there that require a specific state of mind to get what the band has put together without missing all those details that make a huge difference. In this instance, I will say the bass and the keyboards bear some juicy details that would be such a waste to go unnoticed so please show patience and not get caught up on the nowadays fast-food-listening. And trust me the journey of doing so is worth it as much as the destination does.





01. A Silent Arc
02. Weightless
03. All I Have
04. A Secret Atlantis
05. The Tidal
06. End Of Silence
07. Currents
08. Departure
09. The Beacon
10. This Ocean


Tom Englund - Vocals, Guitar
Henrik Danhage - Guitar
Rikard Zander - Keyboards
Johan Niemann - Bass
Jonas Ekdahl - Drums