Meridian - Margin Of Error

Meridian - Margin Of Error

(CD, Mighty Music, 2018)

There were a couple of things that stood out on my first encounter with the Danes of MERIDIAN. First and foremost it was that they managed to keep their Progressive Power Metal both heavy and catchy at the same time. Then, it was Lars Märker's voice; it's crisp and clear, quite boyish actually and create a great contrast towards to the heavy music. Still, it all fits really well together in its own unique way. This perhaps makes MERIDIAN sound less heavy than they are but the combination works.

On “Margin Of Error" all these elements are combined in a great way. Digging further into MERIDIAN's music, the creative melodies started to stand out more and more. That is what signifies both opening “The Devil Inside as well as “Off To War. I really like the rhythm change in the bridge before the chorus in the latter. It really builds up to the smooth vocal lines in the chorus. Again, the combination of Lars’ voice and smart riffs to back it up marks the sound. This song was released on the The Fate Of Atlantis about a year ago which have allowed me a lot of time to dig into it. Even if there is a whole lot going on and a lot of fines in MERIDIAN's music, it still is easy going. “Second Best is a very good example; it's Pop-py, has a very good chorus but also is a song that grows for each spin as details crystallize. It’s also is a good combination of modern Metal while still having all those late '80s MTV hit parameters. Without all of this, this song would have fallen flat quite quickly but it just keeps growing.

One of my favorite songs on “Margin Of Error is the title track; I love the punch and groove in the opening riff. Then the dynamics towards the bridge and the complex chorus which initially felt a little off rhythm-wise. But once settled just add to the drive and intensity of the song. Another favorite is the up-tempo “Circle The Drain. Here, if nowhere else on “Margin Of Error”, it is clear the band's ability to change pace and rhythm quite drastically and still make a very smooth transition between the different passages. It sounds fantastic and very unique. I mean, it is in generally nothing strange about the band’s music. It is actually quite hard to point out what MERIDIAN sounds like. It is quite classic, traditional Prog-Power but to say it sounds like this or that band within the genre is actually not possible.

Another song that stood out was “Disconnect” which riff-wise turns towards Thrash Metal. It’s in general not my favorite song of the album but the instrumental passages as well as the chorus are just fabulous. Also, the release in the end of the song sounds amazing. The drive, the refined melodies and the performance really stands out. I think the band’s third full length album is a full-on hit. All of their releases have been good but to keep it catchy yet complex, few manages, and to combine that with a modern yet organic sound, even fewer masters. MERIDIAN sure is on to something very good.





01. The Devil Inside Us All
02. Off To War
03. Second Best
04. Margin Of Error
05. Fragments Of A Life
06. Circle The Drain
07. In Nothingness
08. Drowning The Miracle
09. The Fate Of Atlantis
10. Disconnect
11. Scream For Me


Lars Märker - Vocals
Martin J. Andersen - Guitar
Marco Angioni - Guitar
Peter Bruun - Bass
Klaus Agerbo - Drums