Delain - Hunter’s Moon

Delain - Hunter’s Moon

(CD/Blu-Ray, Napalm Records, 2019)

Who said that an EP release can’t be exciting and can’t be expected by the fans with huge anticipation? Well, in the case of Dutch Rock sensations DELAIN, this is exactly what’s happening with their brand new “Hunter’s Moon”, the second EP release during their 17-year course in the business, if my memory serves me right. This time, Charlotte Wessels and the gang tease us a bit more, before the release of another full length with their stardust-laden Symphonic Metal, with four new studio tracks accompanied by a live Blu-Ray from their sold-out ‘Danse Macabre’ tour across Europe in 2017, including ten live songs, featuring many special guests, with NIGHTWISH’s Marco Hietala stealing the limelight. Are you excited yet? Let’s go!

It seems that “Hunter's Moon” is the final part in the trilogy, following their previous EP “Lunar Prelude” and their full album release “Moonbathers”, and as the band has already revealed, two of the four new studio tracks inside offer a preview of what DELAIN are working on for their new studio album which is expected to see the light of day later this year. So, I guess you’d agree with me that the excitement levels hit the red zone the moment the opening (and brand new) track “Masters Of Destiny” storms the door, with Charlotte’s powerful yet sensitive vocals shining off from start to finish. In case you have watched the video clip for this one already, you’ve experienced first-hand the redefinition of the word ‘cinematic’ that DELAIN want to reintroduce, this time with a pretty dramatic, grand way. Heavy riffs, layers and layers of orchestrations and a large chorus are the plat de jour here, passing the baton quite successfully to the equally grand and uplifting title-track. Yes, “Hunter’s Moon” introduces us with how DELAIN would like to evolve their sound to, and that is even catchier (if this is ever possible) riffs and choruses, enhanced by Charlotte’s glove-y vocals and Timo’s contradicting screams.

According to the press release accompanying the “Hunter’s Moon” digital promo (unfortunately, the Blu-Ray option wasn’t available, so I’m not gonna comment at all on the visual content of the package), the band’s guitarists stepped to the forefront in composing two tracks exclusive to this release; the rather short “The Silence Is Mine” (by Timo Somers), and “Art Kills” (by axe-fellow Merel Bechtold) that fits like a glove the DELAIN standards and style, and, in my opinion, it’s going to please lots of DELAINers out there. Note that also here DELAIN are experimenting with some growling vocals, and to be honest, I’d like to see more of this happening in the DELAIN future (wink, wink).

So, it seems that things are pretty straightforward here; for anyone out there who is already hooked by DELAIN, this release won’t change their mind, but it will surely open their appetite for more, since the band continues their sky-rocketing course with another solid piece of music, filled by Symphonic moments and uplifting melodies, all nicely wrapped up by a truly modern sound that enhances beautifully the overall result. Are you ready for more? Hell, I am!





01. Masters Of Destiny
02. Hunter’s Moon
03. The Silence Is Mine
04. Art Kills
05. Hands Of Gold
06. Danse Macabre
07. Scarlet
08. Your Body Is A Battleground
09. Nothing Left
10. Control The Storm
11. Sign To Me
12. Not Enough
13. Scandal
14. The Gathering


Martijn Westerholt - Keyboards
Charlotte Wessels - Vocals
Joey Marin de Boer - Drums
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije - Bass
Timo Somers - Guitar
Merel Bechtold - Guitar