Incite - Built To Destroy

Incite - Built To Destroy

(CD, Minus Head Records, 2019)

Unless you have been living inside the deepest caves, you should have at least come across INCITE as a name, because this happens to be a hard-working band, following the Cavalera spreading the Metal' way of doing things. I have seen INCITE quite a few times in concert, and although I had lots of headbanging fun, I was not intrigued to check their studio efforts. This was strictly related to my kind of old-ears-habit not being able to digest this Metalcore sound where guitar solos are considered a rarity. But like I said, this is a hard working band and “Built To Destroy” was meant to change my appetite as far as INCITE are concerned.

The album’s title track is the first on the tracklist and showcases how much the song-writing process has progressed from the get-go. Yeah, the guitar leads lead the way while Richie delivers some nice vocal melodies that I believe were absent in the previous INCITE albums. Careful though, I am not claiming that INCITE have gone soft, and I can use the down-tuned riffing to support my claim. Especially the solo here will blow your socks off while the guitar leads during the bridge may reveal some Marc Rizzo influences. This was enough for me to listen more carefully as there were more layers in the music as compared to the simple-and-difficult-to-understand Metalcore I had in mind. Oh yeah, the neck-snapping groove of “Ruthless” and the double bass drumming of “Backbone” have put the word 'Thrash' in capital letters on Metal dictionary description of the term INCITE. In other words, this type of Metal appeals to my old-school ears and the same goes for the pedal-to-Metal “Human Cancer” which may as well be considered as the grooviest track of the album, although the snare-drum faster breaks show their sharp teeth during the chorus. This one features the guest appearance of CROWBAR’s Kirk Windstein which a priori makes the music heavier. By the way, the guitar leads in this one are a tad sweeter than the rest. Speaking of heavier, I should add “Poisoned By Power” to the list which also features the second of the two guest appearances in “Built To Destroy”. Chris Barnes (if you don’t know this name, then you need to do some serious studying) lays down some growls from hell in this aggressive song which still contains the amount of melody I was missing from the previous INCITE studio efforts.

I will say without any reservations that “Built To Destroy” is the best album in INCITE’s backcatalogue and solid proof of what hard-work can do in a band’s song-writing hands. This evolution has brought more Thrash in their music and has put a strong spotlight on the lead guitars, making this absolutely awesome way to kick off the album releases for 2019. Now, where’s my ticket for the upcoming US tour alongside SOULFLY and KATAKLYSM?

P.S.: There is some DEVILDRIVER sweetness in “Savior Self” being the best way to close the album and entice your finger to hit the 'repeat' button again and again.





01. Built To Destroy
02. Ruthless Ways
03. Backbone
04. Resistance
05. Human Cancer
06. Confronting Darkness
07. Leech
08. Poisoned By Power
09. Cessation
10. Hate For Life
11. Savior Self


Richie C - Vocals
Lennon Lopez - Drums
Christopher "EL" - Bass
"Dru Tang" Rome - Guitar