The Deep - Watching You

(EP, Private, 2018)

What I really like about THE DEEP is that they're quite hard to label. I mean, there's really nothing odd with their music but it's not NWOBHM not Hard Rock, not Euro and not US Metal. It's really all of the above which isn't that uncommon either but THE DEEP still sounds rather unique based on that mix.

I was prepared to Rock kicking off the “Watching You” EP but not as much as the record was rocking on its own. “Prepare To Rock” is a very nice classic up-tempo catchy tune. It has the drive recognized in SAXON while the vocal line is smother and more melodic which adds a touch of neo-classical style to the straightforward riffs.

Also, “Dead Man Walking” holds the same elements but is more towards mid-tempo. One thing worth to mention is Tony Coldham's excellent voice; he manages all from mellow and soulful to raw power without losing tone and melody. It all sounds fantastic. The title-track “Watching You” is a dramatic tune that lands in between DOKKEN's “Dream Warriors”, and VINNIE VINCENT INVATION's “Love Kills”. It's the kind of MTV mega-hit and horror-movie soundtrack song and leaves absolutely nothing more to wish for. This together with the EP opener are my favorites. The last of the studio tracks in “Watching You” lean more towards the '70s, great dynamics and is not far off to mention both UFO and JUDAS PRIEST in the same (deep) breath.

The EP also features a set of live-tracks. Me not being a big fan of live-albums initially, saw this as quite excessive as the EP is good as it is. But I must admit that THE DEEP sounds amazing live as well and since it is a good recording it sue works as a teaser for what else they have in their bag. Anyway, this is an excellent release by a band who deserves a lot more recognition than they get. Be sure to check them out.





01. Prepare To Rock
02. Dead Man Walking
03. Watching You
04. Taking Over
05. Premonition
06. The Rider
07. All I Want
08. Night-Stalker


Tony Coldham - Vocals
Paul Smith - Guitar
Mick Feleppa - Guitar
Phil Reeve - Bass
Alan Mogg - Drums