Blitzkrieg - Judge Not!

Blitzkrieg - Judge Not!

(CD, Mighty Music, 2018)

If you did not skip any Metal History classes, then just the BLITZKRIEG logo on an album’s cover artwork should be more than enough to get you excited. Of course, you have to be a NWOBHM fan, but if you are into Metal, then it would be shocking not be one... With all this in mind, “Judge Not!” comes five years after the previous BLITZKRIEG LP and this can be understandable considering that the glory days of Metal have gone away and I don’t think they will return any time soon. I mean, putting out a new LP has become a labor of love for a lot of bands, especially of BLITZKRIEG’s age range, receiving skeleton budgets and the bare minimum support to do their studio magic. Do I need to mention that selling records is peanuts when it comes to keeping the light on?

However, for some particular bands making albums when it feels like, is absolutely amazing for the fans as the pressure and the associated stress to ‘get the product out’ have been almost evaporated, so whatever gets on the vinyl is absolutely worth it. I am sure you have already guessed that this is exactly the case with “Judge Not!”. Yeah, BLITZKRIEG have the right momentum to pass all the quality control tests they have put upon themselves and have created 10 songs full of NWOBHM guitar galore. And on top of everything, stands this amazing performer / lyricist / singer who listens to the name Brian Ross making “Judge Not!” a must-have. Right after the haunting intro, the pounding drums kick the door down with “Who Is Blind”. The drums stand on the spotlight and set the headbanging mode from the get-go, while supporting the epic atmosphere lurking from the vocals all the way to the chanting-along riffs. If you listen closely, you will enjoy the loud impact of the bass guitar that has a powerful voice courtesy of what - we like to call - natural / organic production which is always vinyl-friendly. Speaking of sounding epic, then brace yourself for the massive “Forever Is A Long Time”. In this one, Mr. Brian Ross gets under the skin of vampire Lestat (come on, do your book-reading) and wails his way through the dramatic chorus rhetorically asking “you wants to live forever” - amazing! Songs of this ilk pique the interest of the listener to reach out for the liner-notes and dig deeper into the way the lyricist is using words to get his message/story out. The same goes for “All Hell Is Breaking Loose” where Satan is the protagonist and his return during the apocalypse... Lyrics aside, this is another epic piece with an amazing atmosphere and I will blame a lot the rhythm guitars for this (you will love the chord progression here).

The scales are pushed to the groovy side of NWOBHM with a couple of hard-rockin’ songs fueled by the fat rhythm section which in “Loud And Proud” have an old-school nostalgia that is so hard to find nowadays. It is hard not to imagine fists-pumping during the “Loud and Proud” part. In the same and even lighter vein is the playful “Without You” where the sweet nostalgia is fueled by guitarist “Alan Ross” who got the mic from Brian’s hand just for this one. Fear not, BLITZKRIEG did not go soft on you and the cutting-edge riff of “Wide Legged And Headless” will turn the spotlight on the faster tempo and on the darker lyrics which fit the heaviness like a tailored suit. Being a sucker for dramatics, I could not but fall for the longest and most epic track of the record; “Falling Into Darkness” does what its title says slowly lifting the curtain with some keyboards and clean guitar arpeggios. Here, Brian’s dramatic and theatrical performance gets inside the mind and cold heart of Dorian Gray and sends massive shivers down your spine throughout this mainly mid-tempo epos. The beauty of this one is the way it sounds heavy without pushing the tempo and, I think, only the drums get faster after the guitar solo.

“Judge Not!” is a killer album and hopefully will help BLITZKRIEG to cross the Atlantic, although I am fully aware how ridiculous I may sound when thinking of the poor economics of the Metal scene. If only Brian could pull a double-duty having BLITZKRIEG and SATAN on the same billing... Ok, now this is an impossible to fulfil request... At any rate, get this one as it lives up the BLITZKRIEG name without even blinking an eye.





01. Heretic
02. Who Is Blind
03. Forever Is A Long Time
04. Reign Of Fire
05. All Hell Is Breaking Loose
06. Angels Or Demons
07. Loud And Proud
08. Without You
09. Wide Legged And Headless
10. Falling Into Darkness
11. Judge Not Lest You Yourself Be Judged


Brian Ross - Vocals
Ken Johnson - Guitar, Keyboards
Alan Ross - Guitar, Vocals on track 8
Huw Holding - Bass
Matt Graham - Drums