Black Rainbows - Pandaemonium

Black Rainbows - Pandaemonium

(CD/LP, Heavy Psych Sounds, 2018)

Ok, some countries are not known for producing Heavy Psychedelic Rock bands in a steady and regular pace (if not at all), and Italy belongs to this category. But Roman trio BLACK RAINBOWS has established already a high-energy fuzzed-out Psych Rock release tradition, with most recent “Pandaemonium” marking their sixth full length offering in over 10 years of existence, and somehow this is huge for a newbie band in this oversaturated, smokin’-soaked scene.

The first thing you’re gonna love (or hate) during the first spins of a BLACK RAINBOWS release is Gabriele Fiori’s almost-spoken vocals that are completely Italian-pronunciation-free and hence, it’s impossible not to fall for the band’s groovy Desert-paced Stoner Rock that manages to carry a FU MANCHU / MONSTER MAGNET breeze with a remarkable ease. And “Pandaemonium” is not an exception; during its 45 minutes, you’ll instantly get hooked for the ride they offer and even develop a fuzzed-out addiction for the complexity and the dynamic sound packed here. “Sunrise” is the best way to kick off such a colorful, Rock ‘n’ Roll energetic album, and I guarantee you’ll find yourselves foot-tapping at no time, while “High To Hell” and its early ‘70s-infused character will push you all the way to the BLACK RAINBOWS’ Rock-stratosphere. And even if “The Sacrifice” sounds like a blueprint for every Stoner / Heavy Rock band to follow, it is “Grindstone” and its minimalistic attitude that makes things even more interesting and intriguing for BLACK RAINBOWS; I mean, its slightly-Grungy feeling, paired with Fiori’s almost-Jonathan Davis-type of vocals, add a refreshing breathing-air to these guys’ sound, and leave the best promises for their future releases. And in case you’re in for some more MONSTER MAGNET-y tunes, you should check out “Supernova & Asteroids” and “I Just Wanna Fire”, no questions asked, and let the good times rolling.

What someone may be asking from a Heavy Psyched album in order to be served with a worth-listening result? “It should be a trip”, I could almost imagine Dave Wyndorf responding to my question, and I couldn’t agree more. And “Pandaemonium” accomplishes exactly that; through its 9 tracks, from start to finish, this album offers a hell of a swirling Psychedelic trip, varying in tempo, mood and structure, but full of promises for solid, catchy Heavy Rock songwriting with a twist. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.





01. Sunrise
02. High To Hell
03. The Sacrifice
04. Grindstone
05. Supernova & Asteroids
06. Riding Fast ‘Til The End Of Time
07. I Just Wanna Fire
08. The Abyss
09. 13th Step Of The Pyramid


Gabriele Fiori - Vocals, Guitar
Filippo Ragazzoni - Drums
Giuseppe Guglielmino - Bass