Stonelake - Marching On Timeless Tales

Stonelake - Marching On Timeless Tales

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(CD, Massacre Records, 2011)

This is a band from Sweden I had not met in the past. STONELAKE seem to have been around for many years and “Marching On Timeless Takes” is their newest CD, their fifth in a row. Looking at the cover picture and the logo style it is not very difficult to imagine the style of Metal this ban is performing and I admit I was a little bit bored prior to listening to this album for the first time.

This outfit performs a strange kind of European melodic Power Metal. This means that you will not be offered some loaded typical album for this genre, but on the other hand in such a ‘choked’ filed it seems more than hard to come up with something fascinating these days. Hence, the band’s music possesses typical elements of the genre but it has some kind of theatrics you do not often meet in such releases, while the voice too is not credited as predictable, reminding some of the 80s classic Metal style in Scandinavia and central Europe.

45 minutes is a good duration for an album and STONELAKE smartly overlaps this trap. Hence, a taste of sophisticated post-80s HELLOWEEN with some of early EDGUY or relentless NOCTURNAL RITES may pop up in mind (a rapid JUDAS PRIEST basis is not out of the question, too) while listening to this 2011 CD, still the overall sound has something sharp and raw/obscure (names like early HEAVEN’S GATE, CAPRICORN, JESTER’S MARCH or SCANNER ringing any bells?) lying underneath making the audition a joyful experience. Happy choir refrains are rare here, and a more moody yet melodic atmosphere tastes good and valuable. I also admired the production; not plastic, it gives air to the songs and melodies, while the pounding rhythm section reminds us of what genuine Power Metal can be about.

I do not think I’ll deal with “Marching On Timeless Takes” a lot in the future, since this specific style is not exactly my cup of tea. Still, I should mention that this album proves there can be something different released in the ‘raped’ Euro Power Metal field these days, in case you think this genre’s long gone dead. Nothing outstanding, but probably an interesting release.





01. Red Canyon
02. Liar
03. Sound Of A Whisper
04. SnakeChild
05. Fool With No Denial
06. Rain
07. Lay Down The War
08. Give It Up
09. Winds Of Fire
10. Enter The Temple


Lasse Johansson - Bass
Jens Westberg - Drums
Jan Åkesson - Guitars
Peter Grundström - Vocals