Estate - Mirrorland

Estate - Mirrorland

(CD, Mighty Music, 2018)

When I start to believe that I am up to date with the scene, another batch of bands shows up. But that I haven't heard about ESTATE, might not be all that strange; bands from behind the iron curtain tend not to be rotated frequently in the West, not even on social media. And so came ESTATE and their second full length release titled “Mirrorland” into my life.

I really enjoy both the title track which opens the album, as well as “The Ghoul” which follows. It all lands on the border between Heavy Metal and Power Metal. The chorus line in “The Ghoul” brings X-WILD to mind. Iliand Ferro's voice has great resemblances with Frank Knight which is all good. “Stolen Heart” leans more towards the musical landscapes of KAMELOT. Pompous “Winter Kingdom” is definitely a favorite from “Mirrorland”; I really like the time changes and I also think the song holds some truly great melodies. It is all flawless; the musical performance is irreparable and so is the production. The sound is crystal-clear which makes the musicianship even more impressive. It all sounds perfect. There are two things though; it's easy to draw parallels between ESTATE's music and other bands. Also, the very clean sound makes it a little neutral. But there are a few really good tracks on the album like “Lady Wind”, the third part in the “The Storm Of The Age” trilogy, for example. I love that the back-up music is removed almost completely in the first verse. The dynamics becomes fantastic. And again, you have an X-WILD chorus line to top it off. Then, “Silver Skies” becomes a little too much for my taste; it's a good composition but it feels too clean and way too much Hollywood-glitter to fit on a Heavy Metal record.

What I think is very cool with the release is that “Knight Of Hope” and “Matter Of Time” is repeated at the end. The versions feature Mark Boals and Mats Levén respectively on vocals, and this sets it apart from the rest. Their personality and nerve make the songs stand out, and with this, it's clear what the rest of “Mirrorland” lacks, some Rock 'n' Roll feeling and filth. But absolutely, it's a very good album.





01. Mirrorland
02. The Ghoul
03. Stolen Heart
04. Winter Kingdom
05. The Storm Of The Age Part 1: Storm Of The Age
06. The Storm Of The Age Part 2: Knight Of Hope
07. The Storm Of The Age Part 3: Lady Wind
08. Silvery Skies
09. Matter Of Time
10. Springtime
11. Knight Of Hope (Mark Boals version)
12. Matter Of Time (Mats Levén version)


Iliand Ferro - Vocals
Petr Filevskiy - Guitar
Vadim Lalayan - Bass
Dmitriy Efimov - Keyboards
Maks Petreno - Drums