Kalapács - Örökfekete

Kalapács - Örökfekete

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(CD, Hammer Records, 2018)

Metalheads have a hard time accepting something that falls outside the box where they have placed the music and the bands they like. Ok, sometimes they may go out of their ways and listen to a band or an album, even though there are things that do not agree with their extremely well-defined taste as long as the lyrics are written in the English language... That’s right, everything written in an alien language is considered as an outcast, so bands are restricted inside their country’s borders or worse are pushed into oblivion. Fortunately, KALAPÁCS belong to the first group and as far as I know they have a solid following in Hungary with some scattered fans in other places. I mean, the fact that “Örökfekete” is the band’s twelfth full-length record says a lot, right?

A Twitter version of this album presentation would read “this is the Hungarian version of ACCEPT and, really, would not fall far from the truth. To those who know their Metal, József Kalapács’ singing style shares a lot with Udo and I think the immediate resemblance is about the grit that is present in both singers. Of course, the classic Heavy Metal of KALAPÁCS helps to make such a connection and especially in the guitars where you will definitely enjoy the solid work by the Sárközi - Weisz duo. Before digging into the album, it is worth to mention that KALAPÁCS lineup features musicians with a long history in the Hungarian Metal scene, being connected with bands like OMEN (from Hungary) and of course POKOLGÉP.

The aforementioned solid rhythm guitar work opens the album in “A Lángok Évada”. This is a mid-tempo album opener which carries all the elements shining in a KALAPÁCS album; straightforward Heavy Metal, with catchy hooks and sing-along-inviting vocals. And let’s not forget the bass lines which follow the ACCEPT recipe and are high on the mix, possessing the type of energy you only get in live shows. In fact, this type of Metal is perfect for live shows with fist-pumping tempos and scream along lyrics. I mean, “A Tűz És Jég Dala” does exactly this after the nice clean guitar arpeggios and József’s most melodic singing, which soon get Metal-ized the moment the guitar distortion kicks in. I am sure, you’ve already noticed that the song-titles are not in English, and the same goes for the lyrics. Yeah, the Hungarian band uses its native language, and even though I do not understand a single word József is singing, his pronunciation works like a charm in the same way Polish and Portuguese work with Black / Death and Thrash Metal, respectively. Really, you will be singing along no matter if you understand what you’re trying to say... This is exactly the case with the catchy as flu album title-track where the ACCEPT references shine through the amazing guitars. And speaking of guitars, you should brace yourselves during “Jó Legyen” and / or “Gyávaság És Bátorság” where KALAPÁCS justify the reasons why JUDAS PRIEST is also included when describing what the Hungarians are playing. No matter the references, this is “Heavy Metal 101” with simple song-structures, fantastic vocal melodies and headbanging tempos perfect to listen at maximum volume. I mean, the riff break just before the guitar solo in “Gyávaság És Bátorság” cannot be better than this and I am sure some nostalgia will kick in, especially if you are past your 30s.

Even though the tempo is still on the mid-range, “Parancsolatok” sounds heavier than the rest and I can credit the guitars for this and on the way Mr. Kalapács attacks the vocals. Think about it; would this song sound heavier if it was called “Commandments” [google translated] instead of “Parancsolatok”? "No" is the answer and this is why the pronunciation plays a huge role on how the music sounds. Staying on the same subject, I believe “Jekyll És Hyde” would not had been this cool, if it wasn’t how József sings “Jekyl es Hyde”.

KALAPÁCS is an extremely consistent band and has been serving classic Heavy Metal since the mid-'90s but has not received the recognition deserved. “Örökfekete” is a killer album without weak moments but with hard-hitting songs that I am sure sound ten time better in concert. It is definitely worth checking KALAPÁCS out and - who knows - you may discover the awesome bands the Hungarian Metal scene has.





01. A Lángok Évada
02. A Tűz És Jég Dala
03. A Sötét Oldal
04. Vándorok Angyala
05. Örökfekete
06. Jó Legyen
07. Árnyék Hull
08. Gyávaság És Bátorság
09. Bosszúvágy
10. Parancsolatok
11. Jekyll És Hyde
12. Ha Kevés Minden Szó


József Kalapács - Vocals
Lajos Sárközi - Guitar
László Weisz - Guitar
István Beloberk - Bass
Zsolt Beloberk - Drums