Monster Magnet - Mindfucker

Monster Magnet - Mindfucker

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(CD/LP, Napalm Records, 2018)

Some things in life are perfect just the way they are. They just are. Take for example the Space Lord himself, Dave Wyndorf; he writes high quality Psych-Rock music for his groovy-baby MONSTER MAGNET for almost 3 decades now, and actually, his songwriting has become a constant for every fan of the Space / Stoner Rock sound. No BS, no experimentations or U-turns, anno 2018 MONSTER MAGNET are proud to say they have established that sound of groovy straightforwardness and neck-breaking Rock guitar awesomeness that will guarantee you the best have-fun time, ever. So, I was more than excited the moment they announced that the eleventh full length album was under construction, with the f’n amazing, and sooooo MM title, “Mindfucker”.

...And what a better way to celebrate the fact that the Psychedelia Gods were so generous to Mr. Dave as he was writing this solid piece of Rock-for Rock’s sake album other than blasting these ten high-octane Rock tracks to eleven... I mean, the MM psychedelic waves definitely deserve the proper treatment the volume as high as possible, in order to enjoy the Space Lord roaring the opening “oh my god, I’m totally shot” lyric line from “Rocket Freak”. Yeah, the guitars carry that filthy flair by being chunky and raw, and all together throws you back to the late ‘60s from the very first listening. Of course, “Soul” continues down the same path, and Wyndorf’s reading will definitely wake up some “Space Lord” memories. Too busy headbanging already? Well, the title track won’t stop your power riff-laden party, but will give you one more good reason to scream at the top of your lungs MONSTER MAGNET is back, bitch!”, enjoying to the max the simple yet crushing “you’re a mindfucker, baby, look what you’ve done to my head” lyrics of the refrain. The way this track unloads tons of Rock ‘n Roll fun the MM way is unique, and even though it feels like this track had been inside a dusty cupboard for 20 years or so, you’ll be a happy camper realizing what the pen of magic Dave has (once again) written.

If you already love Wyndorf’s ability to write wonderful stories which you’ll follow as you listen along, “I’m God” will be an instant pleaser; it holds Dave’s semi-serious / semi-joking way of describing a situation like an apocalypse from God’s perspective, proving (again) the guy is a lyrical genius. And right there, a track like “Drowning” comes up and to restore the order with its cosmic Blues-infused tone (how I love the way bass sneaks up here and there), speaking the biggest of truths (of everyday life). And even though I absolutely enjoyed what MONSTER MAGNET did on HAWKWIND’s “Ejection”, or how versatile they sound on the ‘Devil Went Down To Georgia-like Folk-er “Brainwashed”, I loved even more the closing “When The Hammer Comes Down” and its raw energy, driven by Wyndorf’s almost-Ozzy-ish type of singing and the classic MM guitar sound.

Listening to this album again and again, I don’t have the slightest of doubts that MONSTER MAGNET is alive and kicking. And by serving this quality of material, with the hearty, neck-breaking guitars, the brilliant, inspiring lyrics and the overall Detroit style Rock that we love to love, it seems that the MAGNETS are going through their second youth. Fasten your seatbelts, and join them for the ride; you’re gonna have a great time, guaranteed!

"Are there happy endings? Is there a sun up in the sky?
It’s hard to get excited when I’m getting nothing back
And I’m tired, yeah, I’m tired of asking why”





01. Rocket Freak
02. Soul
03. Mindfucker
04. I’m God
05. Drowning
06. Ejection (HAWKWIND cover)
07. Want Some
08. Brainwashed
09. All Day Midnight
10. When The Hammer Comes Down


Dave Wyndorf - Vocals
Ed Mundell - Guitar
Phil Caivano - Guitar
Jim Baglino - Bass
Bob Pantella - Drums