Chasing Ghosts - These Hollow Gods

Chasing Ghosts - These Hollow Gods

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(CD, Mighty Music, 2018)

I try to vary the approach when reviewing albums and sometimes I push 'play' with 'repeat' and leave it on. No checking out the band or anything before. Just to see what sticks. With CHASING GHOSTS' “These Hollow Gods” I did just that, and round after round, I found myself checking out the player when “Fearless” came on. A few spins later, the same thing started to happen for the title track, “These Hollow Gods”, as well.

Sounding like a recent PARADISE LOST, touched up with a Goth feel is what I like about CHASING GHOSTS. The songs hold great melancholy and there are some very strong melodies. On occasion Nelson Cancini manages to capture the same amount of emotion as Vincent Cavanaugh expressed on ANATHEMA's masterpiece “Judgement” and it sounds great and you can check “Dark Skies” as an example. The final track on the album, “One Last Try” lands right in between those two bands as it is a little bit softer than PARADISE LOST, there's more melody and melancholy in it and at the same time is tougher than ANATHEMA.

Reading up about the band, both my references are mentioned as influences for CHASING GHOSTS, so I guess they're spot on their target. “Fearless” then; the guitar-harmonies made famous by PARADISE LOST stick like glue and the chorus is very catchy. But what got to me was that Nelson expresses desperation and frustration rather than the sorrow prominent for the rest of the record and it stands out.

And that's the issue I have with “These Hollow Gods” as an album; it sounds very good with anything to complain about. The production is smooth and clear without being pushed to the limit. But it gnaws and grinds on in the same vein from start to end with a few exceptions. I guess a few more things like in “Fearless” and something to hook me in. Perhaps some more changes in structure and feel would have made the songs more sticky, and that much sooner.





01. Everything Changes
02. This Fear
03. From Depravity
04. These Hollow Gods
05. Dark Skies
06. Fearless
07. Fallen From Grace
08. One Last Try


Nelson Cancini - Vocals
Harry Mitten - Lead Guitar
Ashley Clark - Rhythm Guitar
Lee Brueton - Bass, Synth, Keyboards