Death Keepers - Rock This World

Death Keepers - Rock This World

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(CD, Fighter Records, 2018)

Sometimes, you need a Heavy Metal injection to make your blood start boiling inside your veins without overthinking it. Yeah, there are instances when getting super-complicated styles from bands that are trying to rediscover the wheel or create some bizarre genre by mixing too much from everything becomes overwhelming (and boring). And then, there are bands that tone it back a bit and use those simple and straightforward Heavy Metal elements to rock your Friday night out. Sure, you may think DEATH KEEPERS are one of the pile or that they are just living in (or from) the past but if this is done the right way then, I am up for it. And yes, “Rock This World” will do exactly what its title says and rock your world...

The trademark sound of the two-cylinder V-twin engine sets the stage for the high-pitched scream and the fist-pumping rhythm that start the Heavy Metal festivities with “Rock & Roll City”. This song brings to mind the classic Euro Power Metal sound and recall bands like GAMMA RAY, EDGUY or any other German band and you’ll be able to describe DEATH KEEPERS. If the album went on like this, then I would had most probably call the ‘skip’ button for the rescue as I am not a die-hard of bands following recipes to the T when it comes to music-making. “Fire Angel” quickly saved the day with the slower rhythm and the FIFTH ANGEL melodic chorus. There is some sweet nostalgia in the vocal melodies that took my mind over the US band (especially during the second half of the song). The only reason for mentioning FIFTH ANGEL as the point of reference for the Spaniards of DEATH KEEPERS is to underline their sense of melody which goes beyond the rather same ol’ same ol’ Euro power sound. Yeah, even though “Death Keepers” goes GAMMA RAY all the way there are still some strong melodies on top of the “Flash Of The Blade”-esque riff and a killer guitar solo that tops everything off.

The classic Heavy Metal guitar chords of “Rock This World” work great with Dey RusTobias Sammet-type vocals although the Spanish singers goes higher pitch-wise with impressive power (at least on the record). But it is not only the vocals that make an impression in the band’s debut LP; the guitar duo of Antonio Maties and Eddy Gary delivers some serious chops and steps with confidence on the spotlight during the instrumentals “Thriving Forecast” and “Invention” where, I think I found some Chastain influences mixing neoclassic elements (especially during the latter) with the Heavy Metal aggression.

Ok, “Metallia” checks all the boxes on the Power Metal list and that’s totally appropriate with a title like this. I mean, you would not expect something less than sing-along bridge / chorus, galloping guitars and pounding drums to go with any word derivative of Metal, right? The album closes after the longest song of “Rock This World”; “Smooth Hit Love” is an almost power ballad starting off with clean guitar arpeggios and smooth lower-register vocals, and soon enough the distortion enters to make things a bit heavier, while I should make a note on the bass which takes a step forward on the mix. The faster parts happens during the fourth quarter of the song where the guitars take the lead with a catchy-sounding riff before returning to the slower tempos and Dey’s high-pitch singing which – this time – reminded of the ex-ANGRA vocalist Andre Matos.

DEATH KEEPERS released their debut album with a cliché title and a cliché cover artwork but without cliché music. Sure, the Euro Power Metal backbone is there, but the classic Heavy Metal elements spice things up, serving up some catchy melodies and groove, while occasionally touching upon the US based Hard Rock. This is the band’s debut album and it is more than good enough to place DEATH KEEPERS in your Metal radar.





01. Rock & Roll City
02. Fire Angel
03. Death Keepers
04. Haven’s Heaven
05. Rock This World
06. Thriving Forecast
07. Love's Within (Yourself)
08. Wildfire
09. Invention IV
10. Metallia
11. Smooth Hit Love


Antonio Maties - Guitar
Eddy Gary - Guitar
Dey Rus - Vocals
Miki Hunter - Drums